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8 Bit Weapon's Vaporware Soundtracks Review

(Limited Edition)




The 8-bit era has been revitalized with the clever and unique musical stylings of Seth Sternberger's homage to the games and culture of yesteryear. From the Commodore 64 to NES, these classics were the tools with which to create music that not only evokes fond memories in the minds of old-school gamers, but also opens new doors for those born into the modern era of gaming.


The new breed voices approval


8 Bit Weapon exploded with their limited-edition 8-bit style CD, complete with floppy sleeve. Only 500 of these puppies were released, so you had better check EBay is you weren’t one of the lucky few who scored such a prize.


8 Bit Weapon aka: Seth Sternberger brings the noise


Influenced by a mixture of classic games and trance-like electronica, 8 Bit Weapon integrates the sometimes-flat feel of simple yet catchy video game music with a new wave of emotion that only Sternberg could create with such pizzazz and feeling. The music is nostalgic and innovative, unite old and new into a new sound.


8 Bit and Shigeru Miyamoto!


The catchiest track is “Bit n Run”, reminiscent of captivating battle scenes with taxing bosses and a wealth of other challenges. “One Last Mission” was my personal favorite, bringing back memories of high-speed space action and plots.


The equally inspired 8 Bit website at:


The entire album can be played by selecting individual; songs, or also works well as background music for driving or gaming. For more information or to order a CD, visit the band’s website at

Update – Limited Edition volume has sold out, but you can still enjoy 8 Bit's stylings on the 2.0 CD!

Vaporware Soundtracks 2.0 CD

This newly remastered version of the acclaimed Vaporware Soundtracks is now available! Featuring all of the hits you know and love like Game Boy Rocker and One Last Mission!

Available at:
Ameoba Music
6400 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 245-6400


8 Bit Weapon Website

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