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80stees Classic Video Game T-Shirts

Kevin Confirms His Wife's Worst Fears...

My wife already thinks of me as the ultimate geek, and this shirt did nothing to disprove her theory.

Did you notice all the ladies are running away?

...and in Public Too!

Still, it's a very comfortable shirt with a cool artwork design that allows me to share my love of Robotron: 2084 with random strangers on the street. That isn't geeky, is it? (Don't answer that, please.)

Your Enemies: Grunts, Brains, and Mommys..?

Lil Fragger Speaks Her Mind

My Dad (the uber geek pictured below) says the shirts are well made, good material, blah, blah, but all I care about is that I look good and I let all the other urchins at Chucky Cheese's know I am not to be toyed with.

You talkin' to me?

I get the respect I deserve sporting this shirt on the playground and those dumb little boys know they might just get stomped if they challenge me to a game of Donkey Kong or Mario Brothers. I ain't no Polly!

Evolutionary design

I like the shirt's design because like Mario, I am good now, but I'm only going to get better. Today you can call me Lil Fragger, but someday I will be one bad mother! The only suggestion I have for the folks at 80stees is to consider a slightly modified design...

I think there is a link missing here somewhere..

James: Proud Papa, Uber Geek.

The shirts from 80stees are 50% cotton/50% polyester and the fabric is thick with the feel of quality. The graphics are very well done visually and the application appears to be tough enough to withstand a good deal of abuse. I was happily impressed with the quality of the shirt and the design overall.

Words to live by.

Its nice to see someone put some thought into classic gaming shirts rather than the same old marquee reprints we see all over ebay. Kevin Stecko over at 80stees has done a great job not only with the gaming shirts, but the rest of the inventory as well. If you are looking to recreate the true 80s arcade experience, you gotta dress for it right?

Lander bait - I should have read the dang t-shirt!


After the review I went back to 80stees as there was one shirt I really had my heart set on before the holidays, but it was unavailable in my size and not due for another run. When I checked again the shirt I wanted was there, in my size, and at an even cheaper price. If you can believe it, the shirt I just ordered below is on clearance for only $4.99! Go figure.

My new acquisition - Stressed and dressed to impress.

I am looking forward to receiving the new shirt and will no doubt go back for more in future. The quality is really good and the designs are as diverse as they are cool and original. The 80stees clearance area has better designs than quite a few of the other classic gaming t-shirt vendors in my opinion. On top of all that the prices are right and the content is pure classic gaming goodness.


James McGovern