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The Interior

Removing the six rubber feet at the bottom allows access to the interior of the X-Arcade Trackball, and once again it was immediately evident that a lot of thought and attention went into the design of this controller.

Inside the X-Arcade Trackball

The interior is, of course, dominated by the large 3" trackball unit. The trackball used in the X-Arcade is a custom unit built specifically for XGaming, complete with their logo:

Custom Xgaming trackball unit

The top panel is held into place with several metal L-Braces, and the entire assembly is a sturdy and rigid frame built for gaming. I found one unexpected surprise inside: two bundles of Quick Disconnects, wired up and just waiting for additional buttons!

Extra quick disconnects, ready for mods

The only unfortunate thing is that the disconnects can only mapped to the three mouse buttons, so you can't really add additional functionality via these extra connectors.

Performance and Conclusions

Okay, I know many of you have been (less than patiently) waiting for my trackball roundup review, so let me just say that in the 3" trackball category, the Happs unit has stood head and shoulders above the rest in my testing.

So, why am I mentioning this fact in this particular review? Because the XGaming trackball unit provides almost exactly the same level of performance as the Happs unit, and the entire X-Arcade Trackball controller costs less than just the Happs trackball unit alone!

The X-Arcade Trackball is slightly less sensitive than the Happs, but rolls just as smoothly and the tracking was spot-on accurate. I had no problems at all playing Millipede, Marble Madness, and even Quantum, a game that requires a high degree of "finesse" with trackball movements. Gaming was an absolute joy with this controller.

I should mention that the X-Arcade Trackball comes bundled with some nice games, specifically the Atari Anniversary Edition, Volumes 1 and 2, a collection of classic Atari arcade games. It's a great way to get blasting right away, and I was amazed to find that even games such as Asteroids featured mouse control (it was a unique gaming moment, trust me!)

Ready for a round of Centipede

In conclusion, I really have to hand it to XGaming: I am very impressed by this unit. This is not just another "trackball in a box" controller, but a well-thought out gaming peripheral that delivers performance beyond what you would expect. At $129 ($99 special launch price) it's also an outstanding bargain. It's rare that you get a product that not only performs near the top of its class but is bargain priced as well! Recommended by RetroBlast.

Recommended by RetroBlast!


  • Smooth and accurate trackball
  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Unique "Horizontal Restrictor" button
  • Solidly Built
  • Bargain Price


  • Mounting bolts for trackball on panel surface
  • Button "ping" may annoy some

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