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Want some old-time retrogaming on your TV? Jakks Pacific has an entire line of gaming products just for you. From emulating Atari 2600 games to video pinball, they've got an entire lineup of "plug and play" gaming solutions.

Jakks TV Games is a collection of "self contained" gaming systems — inside a specialized gaming controller (gamepad, joystick, paddle, and so on) is a complete gaming system, including the games themselves. No cartridges, no power supplies...nothing but the controller. Plug it in, turn it on (4 AA batteries not included), and get playing.

Atari Paddle Games, Ms. Pac-Man, and Classic Pinball TV Games

Each of the units has an RCA-style video and audio out (sorry, no stereo here — we're talking genuine early 80's vintage mono gaming sound!) Plug them in, tune to the TV to the proper input, and you're in business.

Plug and Go!

Jakks Pacific was very kind in sending me three of the latest games in their ever-growing TV Games lineup for this review: Ms. Pac-Man, Atari Paddle Games, and Classic Pinball