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A Note about the WG-D9200 and the ArcadeVGA card

I had a number of emails before writing this review asking about the compatibility of light guns with either the WG-D9200 arcade monitor or the Ultimarc ArcadeVGA card — for a long time, it seemed like getting a WG-D9200 monitor that worked with the ArcadeVGA and light guns was a 'hit-or-miss' affair.

Now, after many months of testing, Andy Warne of Ultimarc has discovered that the problem was with the Wells-Gardner D9200, specifically the P1279201 Video/Sync input board. The older Rev. B version of the board does not work with light guns and the ArcadeVGA card, while the newer Rev. D board works fine with this hardware combination.


I really found myself frustrated with these light guns, as I had reservations about all of them. If you're looking for the best gameplay experience, I definitely think the ACT-Labs gun is the most accurate, and it also had the best video pass-through so you could leave it attached when not in use without degrading your normal Windows desktop.

A Size Comparison

The Bio gun was the gun I liked the most from a style and design viewpoint, but unfortunately it was also the worst performer. That, plus the lack of Windows XP compatibility and a PS/2-only interface made it what I consider to be a poor buy.

The Virtual gun was a nice compromise between the style-impaired-but-great-performing ACT-Labs gun and the lousy-performing-but-looks-great Bio gun. It just felt cheap, however. All three guns were similar in price: the ACT-Labs gun at $34.99 ($7 shipping), and both Lik Sang guns at $24.90 ($10 shipping).

In the end, I have to award the "winner" of this shootout to ACT-Labs. Their gun was the most accurate, the most reliable, and had the highest-quality video signal. If you just can't stand the styling of the ACT-Labs gun, however, the Virtual gun makes a nice alternate choice.

And the Bio gun? Well, let's just say I have a project in mind - I'm going to try and graft the insides from the ACT-Labs gun into the shell of the Bio Gun. I'll get my perfect light gun yet, even if I have to play Dr. Frankenstein to do it (cue maniacal laugh and lightning flash). I'll be sure and document the procedure and the results. As always, stay tuned.

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