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The QuasicadePRO
by Quasimoto Interactive

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The QuasiCON Controller and Gameplay

Moving on to the QuasiCON controller, it really is a fantastic controller. Designed to be used with the Xbox, PlayStation2 (or 1), Game Cube and/or PC it really is very versatile, and is the only controller of this type I know of that supports 256 levels of pressure sensitivity when pushing the buttons.

The QuasiCON control panel

Thank goodness it includes insert cards to let you know what button does what! I primarily play an Xbox, and wish that the QuasiCON button colors were the same as my Xbox controllers’ colors, but again this is a minor complaint.

Playing the Xbox on the QuasicadePRO was a very gratifying experience! Of course, certain games lend themselves to the arcade format better than others. Playing “Dead or Alive 3”, I absolutely felt I was at the arcade!

The interior of the QuasicadePRO

Other games such as “Metal Slug 4,” “Godzilla,” and even “Burnout III” (A steering wheel would be great) will give you that arcade experience and have you reaching into your pocket for quarters or tokens! For first person shooters I found the QuasiCON was a little awkward, and for RPG type games, I found myself wanting to sit down. Luckily, for me my favorite type of game is the arcade format! (I found a stool and Wireless Xbox controller cured both those problems.)

MAME and the QuasicadePRO

Now for the snafu I had when trying to hook up my test PC to play MAME on the Quasicade system. The cables to connect your PC to the TV are not included. A mini stereo to RCA adapter was easy enough to find at Wal-mat, as was an S-video cable. Unfortunately, my test PC did not have an S-video output. I found a VGA to TV converter, but it was priced at $150.

I ended up testing MAME on a modified Xbox side by side to a dedicated PC MAME machine using a 21” PC monitor. On the QuasicadePRO, adjusting the TV picture via the included remote can improve the picture quality a lot, (it would be great if you could store more than one custom setting) but ultimately the PC monitor had a sharper and clearer picture.

Also for MAME, a custom MAME controller will give you more of an arcade feel than the QuasiCON. Is the experience bad? No! Just different.


If I could change anything about the QuasicadePRO, it would be to add removable and custom control panels. The QuasiCON is good, but being able to change it out with other custom control panels would make it perfect!

I might also look for a higher quality monitor, which would include more adjustments that many TV’s have today, such as screen tilt. However, the Advent HDTV monitor really is not bad by any means.

Ready to play!

Of my complaints, nearly all of them are only due to the cost of the QuasicadePRO and my expectation that for the retail list price, everything should be perfect. If you’re looking for the ultimate arcade experience and ability to play modern console games, this is it!


  • Incredible sound and arcade like experience!
  • Good quality 27” HDTV Screen for Game play.
  • High quality arcade style controller with limited lifetime warranty.
  • Solidly built arcade cabinet with attractive side graphics and marquee.
  • Flexibility to use any console gaming system and even a PC
    (cables to hook PC to TV not included).

Needs improvement:

  • Needs wheels or casters on cabinet due to weight (425lbs).
  • Could benefit from a top mounted switch for marquee light.
    (Just heard from the manufacturer that this is being added to new models)
  • Could benefit from use of non-glare glass, or a non-reflective coating.
  • Could benefit from newer higher quality electronics for HDTV Tube.
  • Unit could arrive cleaner.
  • Internal power strip should be pre-mounted.
  • Cables not included for PC.

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