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Oscar Model 3: Simple, Yet Smooth


2 5/8" for install, 2 1/16" depth


$ 42 for spinner (without knob)
$ 9 for USB mouse interface
$ 6-19 (approx.) for knob

Total: $ 57-70

Quick Summary

Smooth and with a ‘light’ feel, the Model 3 is a good all-around spinner with a small installation footprint.


The Oscar Model 3 is a good, no-frills spinner. It has a basic design, a small flyweight, and a nice small installation footprint. The Model 3 had a very smooth spin and the lighter flywheel means that you could easily change direction with the Model 3, making it well suited for faster spinner games such as Tempest. The model I reviewed had the optional metal mounting plate, but there shouldn’t be much of a difference in performance between the metal mounting and mounting into a wood control panel.


The Model 3 isn’t that hard to install, but the wood-panel version does require you to basically “assemble” the spinner as place as you install it, and it does require some adjusting during the installation process to line up the encoder wheel with the optics. Once everything is adjusted it's fine, but depending on how your control panel is set up things could get a little tricky, since you need to be holding the spinner shaft and weight up from the bottom of the cab while you attach the knob from the top.

Underside of the Model 3 with Metal Mounting Plate

The metal panel version is easier to install in some ways, since there's no adjustment needed: just cut a hole big enough for the spinner assembly, screw the plate into place, and attach the optic board.


Fairly good, overall. It spins smoothly, and works as you would expect a spinner to work. One flaw in the design is the fact that the encoder wheel and shaft literally “hang” from the knob — if you detach the knob, the encoder wheel and shaft drops down onto the optics. You can’t switch knobs on the Model 3 without opening your cab, since you’ll need to hold up the shaft/encoder assembly while tightening the knob. The smaller encoder wheel also means that the spinner, at least when used with the USB mouse interface board from Oscar controls, isn't as sensitive as the other spinners.


  • Light feel
  • Easy to quickly change direction
  • Smooth spinner motion


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