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Oscar Pro: Big Wheel Keeps on Turning...


4" diameter, 1 ¾" depth


Note: This spinner has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale (it has been replaced by the Oscar Vortex)

Quick Summary

A good all-purpose spinner with very accurate tracking and a noticably heavier “feel” than the other spinners.


The Oscar Pro is a bit of a paradox in design — it’s one of the larger diameter spinners in the roundup, but it also features one of the shallowest installation footprints. This is due to its very large (but thin) encoder wheel and flyweight.

This large diameter gives the Pro its heavy “feel,” with a good feeling of mass when turning the spinner. Unfortunately, the large mass also makes it harder to quickly change directions than some of the other spinners, but the increased accuracy from the large encoder wheel also makes it easier to accurately position your onscreen character when playing.


Fairly easy — just drill a hole, put the spinner in the hole, and screw in the bracket from underneath. The only trick is holding the shaft in place from underneath while you attach the knob from the top.

Side View of Oscar Pro Spinner


Fairly good, but it shares one design flaw with the Model 3, namely the fact that the encoder wheel and shaft “hang” from the knob — if you detach the knob, the shaft and encoder wheel assembly drops down into the cab (and onto the optics). This means you cannot switch knobs without physically opening your cab and pushing the shaft up from underneath as you attach a new knob.


  • Solid feeling of “mass” when playing
  • Low profile
  • Good spin times
  • Accurate tracking


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