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June 2004 News Archive


Dream Arcades Trackball for Cocktail Cabinets
Thanks to Matt Apuzzo for pointing out this add-on trackball for the Dream Arcades cabinets. It's a standard Betson-Imperial trackball, designed to be a plug-and-go addition to Dream Arcade's own line of cocktail cabs. It can also be used on other cocktail cabs with "minor modification."

Jakks Pacific TV Games Controllers
Here is a quick and cheap way to get a retrogaming fix: the Jakks TV Games line of controllers. Each has embedded games, such as Atari 2600 games, Namco classics, Ms. Pac Man, and more. Just hook the controller up to your TV and you're ready to go. They've even just added Atari Paddle controllers to the mix.


Arcade Games to Accept Credit Cards
Yes, you read that right. Looks like the credit card companies are finally ready to try "micropayments." Check out the article in USA Today for full details.

More Prizes from MAMEroom
Just got word from Scott at MAMEroom that they will be donating two copies of their most excellent Ultimate Arcade Plans for the RetroBlast giveaway. This just keeps get better and better...

Cabinet Building Tutorial
Here's a very detailed tutorial on how to build a MAME cabinet, with lots and lots of pictures (always helpful!). Thanks to Matt Apuzzo for the link.


Happs Perfect 360Joystick of the Week: Happs Perfect 360 Optical!
Yes, my favorite joystick, the Happs Perfect 360 Optical, has finally been reviewed and is now part of the RetroBlast Joystick Roundup.

Hands down, this joystick is the cream of the crop. But why? What do I love about this joystick that would make me gush over it like some fawning schoolgirl? Jump on over to the RetroBlast Reviews page and find out!

The Classics Never Die
Check out this article over on MSNBC entitled "Classic Video Games Make a Comeback".

Packing Up for the Move
Well, the site move has begun — I've set up RetroBlast's new home, but there's a hangup on getting the domain name transferred and the DNS information updated. The old site (which you're reading right now) is still working fine, so we're still good to go until the July 9th deadline (when my current hosting package runs out!)

Site Update Delays This Week
Well, I've got family coming to visit this week, which means site updates will be a bit slower — I don't think I'll be able to write many reviews while riding roller coasters or visiting the zoo! I'll try and sneak in some news when I can.


Doctor Who MADLightsSecret Project Revealed!
Okay, this may not be as exciting for many of you as it was for me, but I just finished my first "pinball mod," adding animated lighting to the Time Expander mini-playfield on my Dr. Who pinball machine. Using a very cool product called MADLights, I added digitally-controlled animated lighting effects to the Dalek fly-away target holes during multiball. Check out the new video to see how great it looks. A full write-up on how I interfaced it to the pinball machine is coming soon, as well as a review of the MADLights.

Behold the ArcaLux...
The ArcaLux Control BoardIf you're like me, you love blinking lights — the more the better. Here's a product to add user-controlled lights to your arcade cabinet. In their own words:

Behold the groundbreaking ArcaLux! The complete electronics hardware and software suite that is ready to transform your control panel into the coolest on the planet.

  • Up to 40 controllable lights on your control panel!
  • Interfaces with your host gaming computer
  • Attract Mode
  • User-Defined Animations
  • Game-Aware Indicator Illumination

Classic NES Games SeriesPlay Classic Nintendo Games...on your Gameboy Advance!
There's a new version of the Gameboy Advance coming out, designed to add a "retro" flair. Part of Nintendo's upcoming "Classic NES Series", they are going to release emulated versions of NES classic games that play on the Gamebox Advance. Full details can be found over at

A MAME Screensaver
Here's a neat screensaver program that lets you run any other program as a screensaver, including MAME! The "AnySaver" lets you use command-line MAME to run the attract modes of MAME games as your screensaver. Very cool stuff!

A Pinball Video
No, not by yours truly — this is the latest video by the band Jet, for their song Cold Hard B*tch. The band plays in the backbox of a pinball machine. Personally, I thought my video was better... ;-)


Mystery Product 3"What is that?" Volume 3
Yes, another mystery product. The third one I've bought, actually, and it appears the third time's the charm — I got this one up and working as part of my mystery project. I've got to document some more about this product, and how I used it, so look for a full explanation in a day or so. I spilled blood installing it, which I always consider a good omen (don't ask me why, I've just noticed that all of my projects are successful if I bleed, and failures if I don't. Call it "voodoo electronics.")

Updated SlikStik Tornado ReviewSlikStik Tornado Review Updated
I've just finished updating my February 2003 review of the SlikStik Tornado spinner (yes, I wrote it before RetroBlast even existed, back when I had my small "MAMEframe Arcade Machine" web site. How times have changed...) With all the changes in the Tornado spinner and all the cool new knobs available, the review needed a bit of a freshening up, so I did some "spring cleaning" and it's now fully up-to-date — hop on over to the RetroBlast Reviews page for the new and improved review.

ACT-Labs Gold Replacement Gun ShellGold ACT-Labs Gun Shell
Here's something cool I just found out about: ACT-Labs offers a replacement gold shell for their light gun!

In my opinion it looks better than the standard silver shell, and you can use it in a dual-gun setup to help distinguish between player 1's gun and player 2's gun. It's just too bad that ACT-Labs doesn't have replacement shells shaped like other guns available!

Contest Hint #2
Here's the current list of the companies that have provided the prizes for next month's giveaway (more companies may still be added!):

  • Dream Arcades
  • SlikStik
  • Groovy Game Gear
  • Ultimarc
  • Classic Arcade Grafix
  • Raptisoft
  • PomPom

"RetroGaming, The New Chic"
Check out this article in the Marin Independent Journal about how Retrogaming is coming into vogue. Bask in your new found coolness.

"Pinball Wizards"
Here's an article in the Pacifica Tribune about pinball collecting in general and more specifically about Pacifica Pinball Plus, one of a handful of companies that are restoring and selling classic pinball games.


Contest Hint #1
Sorry for the lack of real news, I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. To make it up to you, I'll share a tidbit of news about the RetroBlast giveaway next month: I've got nearly enough prizes to give one away every day during July. Drooling yet? Stay tuned...

Project Arcade BookProject Arcade First Impressions
I'm currently reading through John St. Clair's excellent new book "Project Arcade: Build You Own Arcade Machine" and am very impressed. It's a big book (476 pages), and manages to cover just about any aspect of arcade cabs that you could imagine, including selling your wife on the idea of building one! I'm learning a lot, and John's got a great writing style.

Look for the review as soon as I can finish reading it (not all that easy in a house with two small boys!)


Online Classics
If you need a fix of classic gaming but don't have a copy of MAME handy, check out this list of Shockwave and Java-based classic video games. Play a game in your browser while you wait for that work-related download to finish. Yeah, that's the ticket... (Thanks to Matt Apuzzo for the link!)


Lead Proof for BYOAC Tokens
Just got word that the lead proof has been struck for the BYOAC token design. This is a "test master" that shows what the embossed image on the final token will look like once the tokens are minted.

In my opinion, it looks very nice, and I can't wait to see it in finished form (I ordered several sets for my pinball machine and MAMEframe). Don't forget that you can always order your own set: check here for full details. Special thanks to David Santoro for seeing this unique group project through the rough spots and getting it completed!

UFO Pinball LED ModAttack From Mars Saucer Lights
Here's something great for anyone who owns a Williams Attack From Mars pinball machine: a "Mini-Saucer LED Kit" for the six playfield saucers that surround the "mother ship"!

This is a great looking pinball mod, and very professionally done, as well. It's a bit pricey ($149), but considering the limited number of people who would possibly need this kit, it's a fair price. Besides, it's got blinking lights — I can't resist anything with blinking lights...drool...

Rotating Monitor Assembly
Click for a larger picture.I got an email from Benjamin Krall with pictures of his very impressive rotating monitor assembly for his cabinet.

In his own words:

Because of the width I needed to build a modular design.  This design will break down to fit through a doorway.  The monitor assembly will sit on a base which is thinner.  There are shelves underneith the monitor (view from back) for this purpose.  The speaker and marquee assembly will be a box design and will be the same width as the monitor assembly.  The sides will sandwich the marquee box and moitor assembly and butt up to the control panel to hide the monitor box. i will use a modified happ bezel that will be connected to a black disk the same sixe as the monitor wheel.  The monitor glass will sit directly on the monitor box assembly and be painted black underneith except for a round circular area slightly smaller then the bezel disk.

If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to email Benjamin with your ideas.


Hamster Ball 2.0Hamster Ball 2.0 Released!
Raptisoft has released version 2.0 of Hamster Ball, their Marble Madness-inspired game. Let me tell you — this is a great upgrade! New in this update are features such as a two-player split-screen race mode and the "Rodent Rumble," an arena game where you and up to three friends (or computer-controlled opponents) can see who can knock who off the board. These new "Party Games" are a blast on a MAME cab, trust me!

The upgrade is free to registered owners. Other niceities include configurable keyboard controls and hidden "easter eggs" which unlock the rumble arenas. It's a substantial change, and I'm going to have update my review to match!

This Week's Joystick Review Poll Winner...
is the Happs Perfect 360! This should be a fun review, as I really like the P360 joystick, and it's the joystick I have in my SlikStik controller. A P360 with the SlikStik stainless steel joystick handles is a joy (pun) to play with, and I'm looking forward to writing the review. I've also put up a poll for next week's joystick review, so hop on over to the RetroBlast front page and vote!


SlikStik "Duo" Controller
SlikStik Duo ControllerHere's another unique controller from team SlikStik — a dual trackball controller! Here's the description from their site: "Here is a preview photo of our new dual trackball unit. This unit is one of a kind and has been designed to play all 4-way joystick classic games as well as 2 player Marble Madness. It utilizes a full I-Pac 2 interface and can be fitted with dual trackball lights, double side pinball buttons and endless color combinations. It will be available in our online store the week of the 21st."

Atari Retro Package for PDAs
There's a "mini-review" of the Atari Retro game package for both Palm and Windows Mobile PDAs over at The package includes such classics as Asteroids and Missle Command, but don't get too excited — it emulates the Atari 2600 versions!

BYOAC Token Proof
News from the BYOAC forums about their custom token project: the mint has set up the design, and has a lead proof minted and ready for approval. Once it's approved, it should only be a few weeks until the tokens are distributed to those who have placed pre-orders. There's still time to order!


10,000 Points Music Video
10,000 Points Music VideoOkay, this is an experiment on my part, so bear with me — I stumbled across an old cassette today of Peter Shilling's 1985 album Things to Come, which features the arcade gaming-themed song 10,000 Points.

Well, I decided to try and put together a music video for this song. Probably something only an arcade gaming-nut will enjoy, but here it is: hop on over to the RetroBlast Videos page for a brand new video of a genuine 80's synth song about retrogaming!

It's Coming...
and it's going to be big! In July RetroBlast will be one year old, and to celebrate I'm going do something so special it'll knock your socks off (I promise!) I'm planning on having great giveaways all month long, along with a special grand prize that...well, I don't want to spoil the surprise, do I? ;-)

PinMAME Revives Baby Pac-Man
I'd reported earlier about the new PinMAME-HW version of PinMAME that can actually interface with real pinball hardware. Well, here's proof: a Baby Pac-Man pinball revived by the use of PinMAME-HW! Very cool stuff.

Mystery Project On Hold
I've dropped a number of hints about a secret project I was working on, one that was going to be unveiled at this year's E3 show. Unfortunately, there have been some hitches, and the project is currently running behind schedule. I'll reveal all as soon as I can.


OMNI-Stik ProdigyOMNI-Stik Prodigy Review
The RetroBlast "joystick of the week" review is now up — this time the review is of the Groovy Game Gear OMNI-Stik Prodigy joystick (whew! say that mouthful five times fast!)

The Prodigy is a unique 4/8-way switchable joystick with a special mounting plate. It's large and in charge, but how does it perform? Check out the review for all the heart-pounding details.

Kymaera Front End Updated
Kymaera Front EndNews from RetroBlast spy Matt Apuzzo that Kymaera, a multi-emulator front end, has been updated. It looks interesting — from their web site:

"Kymaera is a multi-emulator Front End for Windows. Kymaera is a 3rd generation front end , and was designed to be a complete solution for an Arcade Cabinet. Kymaera supports both vertical and horizontal layouts, and is completely user-configuable. Kymaera is a fully skinnable front end, Skins can be created and used on a per-emulator basis, or shared between emulators."


Arcade Genie Front End"Arcade Genie" Front End
I'm just starting work on a review of Custom Arcade's Arcade Genie front end for MAME. It sports a slick interface, and also supports the Daphne Laserdisc game emulator (for games such as Dragon's Lair). Even better, it includes a Jukebox program!

I'm going to be test driving it for a few days, but I'll be sure and post here when the review is complete.


Ultimarc T-Stik PlusT-Stik Plus 4/8-way Switching Video Updated
I just realized this week that the video I have showing the T-Stik Plus 4/8-way switching mechanism would be a lot more informative if I showed the actual "lift and twist" action from both the top and the bottom of the joystick.

I've shot the new footage, and the video has now been updated: you can view it in the review, or click here for just the new video.

Pick Your Joystick Review
OmniStik Prodigy JoystickIf you haven't visited the RetroBlast front page this week, you might not have seen the new poll — as I have had a lot of different requests for "priority" on the joystick reviews, I thought I'd let a vote decide which joystick I'll review next week.

This week the joystick roundup review is going to be of the GroovyGameGear OmniStik Prodigy, a very nice switchable 4/8 way joystick with an integrated mounting plate. Next week, the joystick roundup review will be of whatever joystick wins in the poll.


PinGizmo's Remote Battery KitPinGizmos' Remote Battery Kit Reviewed
I've just posted my review of the PinGizmos' Remote Battery Kit, a device designed to allow you to mount the backup batteries in your pinball machine away from the main circuit board.

Why would you want to do this, and is the PinGizmos' solution worth the money? Read the review and find out.

Pricing Mistake
It was just pointed out to me that I had made a mistake in the Joystick Roundup Chart, specifically the price of the Ultimarc T-Stik Plus joysticks. The Ultimarc T-Stik Plus is actually $24, plus $6 if you want the "light action" microswitches. The T-Stik Plus Balltop is $24 + $14 for the ball-top handle. The prices are fixed now.

BallanceMarble Madness Meets Myst
In the unusual game Ballance, by Atari Games. Roll your ball around the course, solve puzzles, mutate the ball into other materials (wood, stone, etc.), and try to reach the end.

It's got an entirely different flavor than Marble Madness (you're going up most of the time, for example), and it features some really lush 3D graphics. Thanks to Matt Apuzzo for pointing it out!


XGaming JoystickXGaming Joystick Reviewed
This week's joystick review is of the XGaming Joystick, the same joystick used in XGaming's X-Arcade controllers.

The XGaming joystick is closely modeled after the Happs Super joystick, but how does it actually compare? Is it a good choice for your next controller project? Check out the review for all the exciting details.

Interview with Eugene Jarvis
Over at Gamespot there is another exciting interview with Eugene Jarvis about his recently released arcade game Project: Terror.

Project Arcade BookProject Arcade Book Arrives
I just got my copy of Project Arcade on Friday, and will be writing a review as soon as I can read through all 476 pages. Written by John St. Clair, webmaster of the Arcade Controls website, this is a great resource for cab builders.

Someone once told me in an email that it'd be great if someone took all that great information on the Arcade Controls site and put it in a book. Guess what? Someone has.

Video Game Manuals, Scanned
If you need a manual or a schematic related to video games, the HQS site may be able to help. From their site:

HQS stands for High Quality Scans, which is a group of people who wish to preserve video game documents in an electronic format. We are in no way professional archivists; this is done in our spare time and is solely funded by private donations. We run a not-for-profit, advertisement-free website dedicated to our mission.


Arcade Engine PlansArcade Engine "RKD Classic" Plans Reviewed
I've just posted a new review of Arcade Engine's new RKD Classic cabinet plans. A complete set of instructions for building a cab, from what tools to buy to how to wire up the coin door, this guide even includes such nice extras as printable construction templates and even some nice artwork to put on the finished cab! Check out the RetroBlast review for all the details.

Arcade Machines Running...Windows XP?
Yes, Taito is developing a new arcade system that will use PC components: "The arcade manufacturer announced today that it has been working with Toshiba Personal Computer Systems on the development of Type X, an arcade board based on Personal Computer components and Windows XP Embedded software." Check out the details at PC Games.

Online Gaming, Arcade Style!
How would you like to go to the arcade and play head-to-head against an Xbox player on the other side of the world? Well, if a joint venture between Aruze and Falcom to develop "Multi-Access Play" comes to fruition, that's exactly what you'll be able to do. Check out Gamespot news for the details.

Eugene Jarvis' New Arcade Game Unveiled
Yes, according to, "Target: Terror", a new video game from Robotron and Defender creator Eugene Jarvis, has been officially announced. Battle terrorists across the USA, protecting landmarks from terrorist attack.


It's Summer Time!
Well, my son just had his last day of school, so I wanted to post a warning that updates to the site may be a bit slower as we adjust to a summertime schedule around here. As much as I enjoy working on the site, I will be spending more time outside, so reviews and news updates may not be quite as frequent.

My God, it's full of stars...
Even with the slower pace around here, I am working on something...wonderful for the site. July is going to be an exciting month, as RetroBlast marks its 1-year anniversary in typical RetroBlast style. What exactly does that mean? Stay tuned...


The Death of Classic Gaming?
Listen to the latest Retrogaming Radio report and see if you agree that classic gaming is dying (a hint: I don't). Still lots of good information, and a well presented case.

Killer List of Video Games (KLOV)
I realize this may be old hat for many here, but I wanted to point out the Killer List of Video Games (KLOV), a great resource for information about arcade games. It's got great details and photos about practically every video game ever created. Need more games? The KLOV is actually part of the International Arcade Museum site, with over 12,000 coin-operated games listed!

The Pinball Enthusiast's "KLOV"
If you need detailed information about pinball machines (similar to the Killer List of Video Games), be sure and check out the Internet Pinball Database. Good stuff there for a pinball fanatic, trust me!

Need an Arcade Break at Work?
Try the Shockwave Arcade, a collection of classic video games that can be played in your web browser. Not a bad use of modern technology, in my opinion!

Twin Galaxies' High Score Competition Report
There's an article on the "Citizens Online" site about the TwinGalaxies' High Score Contest that was held over the weekend. Sounds like it was a lot of fun!


KeyThis! Keyboard TesterExcellent New Keyboard Tester!
Here's a new and dramatic improvement over the KeyHook keyboard testing program I previously had on the site: KeyThis!, by Chris Stuhr, which is now available over on the RetroBlast File Downloads page.

Key This! also adds these benefits:

- Shows key combinations.
- Has better detection of left and right SHIFT/ALT/CTRL keys.
- Recognizes left and right Windows keys and the context menu key.
- Able to differentiate the numeric keypad functions when "num lock" is on and off.
- View real-time Windows parameters.
- Shows Caps Lock/Num Lock/Scroll Lock status on screen.
- Continues to show keystrokes even when another application has focus.

It's a slick, efficient (10k!) program that should prove invaluable to anyone with a keyboard encoder-based controller! Thanks, Chris, for an excellent utility!


MAME .83 Released
Go and get your copy here. 'Nuff said.

MAME Cab as Ping Pong Scorer?
Yup, and foosball as well. Check out NaTaS' MAME Project, where he wires up his foosball and ping pong tables to his MAME cab so it can keep score of the games. (Thanks to Matt Apuzzo for the news)


Retrogaming News Links

Interview with Frank Leibly of StarROMs

Portland Tribune Article about Pinball Collectors

Boulder News article about the new interest in Retrogaming

Houston Ch. 13 News about Videogame Collecting

PinMAME Interfaces With Real Pinball Hardware
Believe it or not, some PinMAME enthusiasts have found a way to interface PinMAME with a real pinball machine. This could potentially become very useful in the future as the CPU boards in pinball machines begin to die and replacement parts become harder to find  — just pop in a PC with Hardware PinMAME, and you're good to go! (Thanks to Matt Apuzzo for the news)

MAMEWAH Gets Knocked Over
...and turned into VertiWAH, a vertically-oriented front end for MAME. If you've got a vertical monitor in your MAME cab, this looks to be a great front end.


Ultimate Arcade II KitMAMERoom Cabinet Kits Now Shipping!
Yes, the popular "Ultimate Arcade II" cabinet design from MAMERoom (plans reviewed here) is now available in pre-fab kit form. Professionally CNC-cut pieces make this kit look like a great time-saver for those who want to build a cab but run in fear at the sight of of a table saw. Thanks to Matt Apuzzo for the news!

Classic Video Games Championship This Weekend
Yes, this weekend there is going to be a huge retrogaming competition, sponsored by TwinGalaxies, to set new high scores on classic arcade games. Here's a nice article about the competition in the Wisconsin State Journal. If you've got the skills, now's the time to plan a quick road trip to one of the four competition locations!

Taito Developing "Space Invaders Anniversary"
Yes, the repackaging of classic games for modern consoles continues, this time with Space Invaders, which Taito is developing for the PS2 and PC platforms. According to, this new version will include nine variants, including a new "3D" version. As with most remakes, I'd take a wait-and-see on this one (anyone remember the Sinistar remake? Thought so...)

Retrogaming Article in the New York Times
Yes, the hobby of retrogaming is really starting to gain recognition — check out this article in the New York Times entitled "Revenge of Pac-Man: Vintage Games Are Back", which even features quotes from Eugene Jarvis, creator of Robotron. We've come a long way, baby...


Ultimarc T-Stik JoysticksJoystick Review of the Week: Ultimarc T-Stik Plus
Yes, another mostly-weekly joystick review, this time of the Ultimarc T-Stik Plus joystick, in both regular and balltop versions.

What's special about this joystick? How about a simple "lift and twist" method of switching between 4-way and 8-way without opening up your control panel! Check out the review for all the details on this unique short-throw joystick.

Linux MAME "Live CDs"
Found an interesting article on the "Live CDs" that have been developed for MAME w/Linux. Designed to be self booting, these are a way to enjoy that MAME goodness without actually installing anything (great for work!)

Update on Steven Dent
I just wanted to post some more news about Steven Dent, the gamer with Cerebral Palsy that I mentioned in my 5/18/04 news post, the one that was looking for a PS2 game controller that he could use with his disabilities.

After a number of great suggestions (thanks, everyone!), including the X-Arcade and, I got the following email from him:

Hi, I just found TOPMAX DOMINATOR 2 ARCADE STICK/PS2AC. It says ?analog/digital? We will see if it is really analog. You can check it out at:

I just bought it. I am hoping, it is going to be the key. Thanks for your help.

Hopefully he's found just what he needs for some good gaming action. Good luck, Steven!


Sinistar Talks PhilosophyPhilosophy According to Sinistar
Sorry, not really "hard news", but I cracked up when I saw this: The Philosophical Revelations of Sinistar, a look into the deep thoughts and insights of one of the most feared video game characters of all time.

Need Help With a Game?
There are a couple of nice sites with walthroughs and tips/tricks for classic arcade games: Roger's Classic Arcade Tips and Tricks (RCATT) offers a variety of (drum roll, please) classic arcade tips and tricks. The site's looking a bit moldy, though, so you may want to check out the Classic Games section of GameFAQS as well, as their site still seems alive and breathing...

The Ultimate Museum Exhibit
How would you like to see a museum exhibit about classic arcade games? How about an actual arcade with over 100 of the most influential arcade games of all time that you can actually play? Drooling yet? Well, check out Videotopia, a mobile exhibit of arcade gaming history with everything from an original 1971 Computer Space, all the way up to the latest and greatest games. The exhibit is available for booking — if you have any pull with your local museum, this is the time to pull strings.

While you're there, be sure and check out their list of the top 16 most influential arcade video games of all time. I don't know if I completely agree with their list (Robotron's missing!), but it does seem to be an honest attempt to highlight the groundbreaking games that shaped the course of the arcade industry.


Wei-Ya Model 31 Arcade MonitorYet Another Possible D9200 Replacement (YAPDR)
One more monitor to investigate in my quest for the perfect MAME cabinet arcade monitor, thanks to Ken Layton over on the BYOAC forums: the Wei-Ya Model 31 "Trisync" monitor (15/25/31Khz). The specs look very similar to the D9200's, but I need to do some more research before I can tell if it's a good choice (or even available in the US).

Arcade Ambiance
I've had several people ask me where they can find a sound file that sounds like arcade background sounds. What you seek is the "Arcade Ambiance Project", a collection of MP3 files that sound like, well, an arcade. Imagine that...

The State of the Arcade Industry
Here's an interesting article I stumbled across, detailing the current state of the arcade industry, circa 2004. It's an interesting read, and it seems a good assesment of the current arcade gaming situation, even if it is a bit depressing.

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