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August 2005 News Archive


Contest Begins Tomorrow!
Yup, and several of you have noticed that there still hasn't been an announcement of what the grand prize will be in the new RetroBlast contest that begins tomorrow. There have been a few kinks in the plans, but rest assured I'm working on getting things ready for tomorrow's contest launch, and I've still got a few surprises up my sleeve!

Most Expensive Home Gaming Systems
NeoGeo SystemJoystiq has a "retro look" at expensive computer gaming systems from the past, such as the 3DO and NeoGeo systems, with their selling prices adjusted for inflation to today's dollars. Imagine, an Apple II would cost $8560.26 today! It's a fascinating look at how much we're sometimes willing to pay for a little gaming fun...

DreamAuthentics' new Personal Video Arcade machine line
Hot off the PR Newswire: DreamAuthentics announces the release of 2 new Personal video Arcade machines for the home.

DreamAuthentics provides a universal game platform that can play literally THOUSANDS of video games ranging from any off-the-shelf retail PC game to original XBOX™ and Playstation™ games as well as licensed classic arcade games that run via software emulation.

ExcaliburExcalibur”. The Excalibur personal video arcade is our flagship 2 player product. The base features of the Excalibur include an authentic 2 player control panel, built-in Wells Gardner arcade monitor, plexiglass, bezel, printed graphic marquee with back lighting, built-in 5 speaker sound system, locking doors front and back, hidden keyboard drawer, power strip, arcade coin door, and leg levelers.

EladiusEladius”. The Eladius personal video arcade is our flagship 4 player product. The base features of the Eladius include an authentic 4 player control panel, built-in 33" Wells Gardner arcade monitor, plexiglass, bezel, printed graphic marquee with back lighting, built-in 5 speaker sound system, locking doors front and back, hidden keyboard drawer, power strip, arcade coin door, and leg levelers.

All cabinets come pre-loaded with 12 licensed classic video arcade games, a custom game menu system and a unique one-touch power on button. Optional items include: Steel Joysticks, Optical Joysticks, Illuminated Trackball, Integrated or Wireless Flight Stick, Racing wheel, Metal spinner color, Cup Holders, Pinball Buttons, Arcade Light Guns, Digital television upgrade, Enhanced Game Engine and Custom Side Art/Decals.

DreamAuthentics Home Page

Illustrator Needed for Space Epic
David Cuciz & James Krych are searching for an illustrator for their ongoing serial "From Neptune to Earth", a Gyruss-inspired battle epic. If you're interested, please contact James Krych. Thanks!

Atari Belt Buckle
Is that a joystick, or are you just happy to see me?Okay, this stretches the limits of personal dignity, but if you're really a die-hard Atari 2600 fan, check out this belt buckle made from an actual Atari joystick. While this is probably a more comfortable way to use one of these joysticks (they were killers in your hands!), it brings up way too many joystick jokes...

Love Your Video Game Music?
Check out Video Games Live, a concert event featuring nothing but music from video games! They're currently working on their tour dates and cities, but they have announced that the concerts will feature music from: "Mario™, Zelda®, Halo®, Metal Gear Solid®, Warcraft®, Myst®, Castlevania®, Medal of Honor™, God of War™, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic™, Tron, Tomb Raider®, Advent Rising, Headhunter, Beyond Good & Evil™,  Tom Clancy Montage (Splinter Cell®, Ghost Recon™, Rainbow Six®)  EverQuest® II and a special retro arcade segment that goes from Pong® to Donkey Kong®!"

(Is that a lot of trademark notices or what?)

Pac Man Thrives at 25
Half-Life 2 Makes Arcade Debut


Microsoft XBox Live Arcade's Retro Reunion Contest
Okay, so I stumbled onto this contest two months into a 3-month run, but you've still got a chance to win some cool 80's and 90's-themed stuff just by sharing your best arcade memories. Check out the site for full details, and start reminiscing...

Sega Unveils New Arcade Games
Tekken Dark Resurrection Confirmed
Pinball Wizard


Ultracade Licenses Visual Pinball!
Yup, it's true — David Foley and Ultracade have licensed Randy Davis' excellent Visual Pinball software for their upcoming "Pinball Legends" machine, a pinball simulator that will basically consist of a pinball machine outfitted with a plasma display and licensed versions of classic WIlliams and Bally pinball games. There is a huge discussion about this going on in the VPForums — here is a collection of David Foley's posts about their upcoming system. I never saw this one coming, but it looks to be a win-win solution, as Ultracade is apparently only licensing the code, will be enhancing it, and releasing the improvements back into the community.

Dance Dance...Immolation?
Burn, baby burn...Disco Inferno!Someone had to be really, well, toasted when they came up with this idea: combine Dance Dance Revolution with blow torches! Yes, it's exactly as it looks: Dance Dance Immolation is a dance game with the extra added challenge of walls of flame! The team working on it is currently trying to raise enough money so that they can demo the game at...where else...this year's Burning Man gathering! Heh...I like their style..."Burn, baby, burn...Disco Inferno!"

Duck Hunt Sniper Rifle
Ever wanted to really take out the ducks in Nintendo's Duck Hunt game? I mean, none of this wimpy pistol garbage: how about a full-fledged sniper rifle? G4TV's Attack of the Show have converted the Duck Hunt light gun into something a bit less sporting and a whole lot more deadly that's the ticket...


Retro Revival Magazine Ends
RetroBlast reader Erik Goetheer wrote yesterday to point out that there is a new issue of Retro Revival magazine available for download, and that same day the editor of Retro Revival posts a message that Retro Revival is ceasing publication! I don't know what to make of this, other than to say you should download the latest issue soon!

Pinball Reborn as Home Accessory
Messiah: The Savior of Retrogaming?


Phoenix 2600 Review and Video
Phoenix 2600 ReviewMitch Gerson has completed his review of the Phoenix 2600 portable Atari 2600 gaming system, and has even included a video showing off the system! A follow-up to his great interview with Ben Heckerdon (the creator of the Phoenix 2600), Mitch takes a closer look at the system and his experiences with it.

Treyonics Partners with ArcadeGames4U
Centurion Controller by TreyonicsI just received a note from Jame Krych of Treyonics, announcing that Treyonics is partnering with ArcadeGames4U, and will in fact become a subsidiary . This new arrangement should lead to faster order processing and even a price reduction in the near future. Full press release here.

Turner Sets GameTap Subscription Rate
Turner Broadcasting System has set the subscription rate for the fall debut of its GameTap broadband entertainment network at $14.95 per month. The company also announced that all subscribers will get a two-week trial period for unlimited access to the network. GameTap allows subscribers to access the largest vault of games, ranging from the early arcades to console and PC titles, using a broadband-connected PC. The network will also feature original Turner programming.


New X-Arcade Cab Photos!
Click for a larger image!I just got my hands on some early pictures of the upcoming X-Arcade cabinet, thanks to X-Gaming's Shawn Walters. (Click on the photo for a larger image). As Shawn puts it:

"Thought you (and readers) would enjoy a sneak-peek of our X-Arcade Machine prototype, currently being readied for production.  We plan on announcing full details, pricing and specifications next month.

As you may or may not know, we terminated our arcade machine partnership with Quasimoto last year due to quality concerns and have designed this machine from the ground-up ourselves; following the strong tradition of our other X-Arcade products. 

Our production team, led by Jeremy Kopchak, has implemented some very unique features sure to excite gamers."

Some of those unique features include a hinged front door and a lockable keyboard tray. I'm looking forward to seeing the full specs when they are announced!

A $73,000 Foosball Table?
Yup. Of course, the Opus table by Eleven Fourty has all sorts of unique features, like their "Doppleganger" technology which allows them to micro-cast 3D heads from photographs, meaning each player on the table can have a family member or friend's face. There's a lot more to these hand-crafted tables, so if you're looking for the absolute primo foosball experience, check them out.

Retro Gamers Unite!
Classic Gaming Expo 2005
Taito Line Up Announced


Special X-Arcade Duo Pricing
Direct from X-Gaming: "We have a limited quantity of X-Arcade Dual Joysticks for an all-time low price of $119.95, including shipping anywhere in the USA, a PC Adapter and 6 Full Version Midway Arcade Games. This is the lowest price the X-Arcade Dual Joystick has ever been available for since it's release."

New Coin-Op.TV Inteview
Robert Welkner (producer) interviews Nate Williams of CAPCOM - who talks about the upcoming release of Capcom's Classics Collection featuring over 20 exciting classic titles! Also, we've updated the episodes section so hope you like the new look!

Job Opportunity at TLC
Schaumburg game developer / manufacturer seeks part time content manager to work with Digital Rights Management (DRM) software and games for NextArcade and other projects as needed in this aggressively expanding company.

Candidates should posses good technical knowledge - programming experience is a benefit but not required. Must be a gamer able to quickly learn new applications and troubleshoot software problems.

Pluses that may lead to rapid advancement: (we hire and promote our interns first!)

  • HTML / PHP and Flash experience
  • Programming experience
  • Game development or QA experience
  • Sales experience

This is a perfect opportunity for college students looking for a casual but FUN and exciting work environment with a couple free days per week who want to break into the games industry.

More information about NextArcade:
More information about TLC Industries:

Please send a resume and why you want to work in the games industry to:

James Hills


New Front Page Pic
You've probably noticed the new photo on the RetroBlast front page by now. As nostalgic as I am about the old photo (of my first "MAMEframe" arcade cab), I felt it was time to update the front page to better reflect the expanded scopes of both RetroBlast and my own home gameroom. After all, RetroBlast is dedicated to the "home arcade," covering anything and everything related to reproducing the arcade experience in your own home.

More Orange County Video Pinball Details!
It's been a while since this prototype "Orange County Choppers" video pinball machine was unveiled, but it now looks like it's going into production, and Pinball News has all the details. There have been some changes, notably the cabinet design. I don't know how "authentic" the experience of playing the game will be, but I do know that I want to give it a try!

New Sega Arcade Board Based on XBox 360?
Meet Doris, Star-Spangled Gal of US Gaming Arcades


Classic Gaming Expo This Weekend!
The Classic Gaming Expo enters its eighth year as the world's first and largest event paying tribute to the people, systems and games of yesteryear. The 2005 event will be the biggest and best ever. The show is open to the public, gamers of all ages are welcome. The show will open at 9am on Saturday, with the main floor closing down at 5pm, after which the CGE Auction will begin. On Sunday the doors open at 10am and close at 4pm.

The show will be held in Burlingame at The San Francisco Airport Hyatt Regency on August 20th and 21st, 2005. You can get the updates on the front page or visit the CGE Forum at the Retrogaming Roundtable for up-to-the-minute information.

The Ultimate Race Sim?
If you're a racing sim purist who wants the most authentic ride possible, be sure and check out Force Dynamics' 301 rig. A "high performance, commercial quality motion system," the 301 looks to be a very fun ride (for $30,000, it had better be!)

The section detailing how the system simulates acceleration and deceleration is fascinating, and be sure and also check out the videos of the 301 in action!

Yes, it's still coming...
...only now you have a few more details about the upcoming NextArcade / RetroBlast game giveaway. We're still working out a few details, such as the Grand Prize, but at least there's some more information about the contest on the front page (see, I'm not that big a tease!)


Wanted: Games Reviewers
Here's the scoop: I've got a boatload of games available to review, but not enough hours in the day to do it all myself. I'm therefore putting out the call for reviewers: If you'd like to review a game or two for RetroBlast, please email me and let me know. Any game you review is yours to keep.

It's Coming...
That big contest I've been hinting about? It's coming. Soon. Things are still in a bit of flux, but I should have more details in a few days. And yes, I am a tease. ;-)


PAPA 8 Results Posted
Well, the official Professional Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) tournament results have been posted. I look at those scores and realize I've got a long way to go with my pinball "skillz," but it's a goal to shoot for, right? (At least my personal best of 21 billion on AFM is in the ballpark!) Oh, and be sure and check out the "Mini Tournaments" — "doubles" on pinball, with each person controlling a flipper? Sounds like a blast!

Hours of Fun MAME Arcade Emulator
Flipnic is Pinball Paradise
Classic SEGA Titles Make a Comeback on PS2


SlikStik Lighted Joysticks Enroute!
Well, it has been a while, but SlikStik has just shipped a full set of lighted joystick shafts to RetroBlast for review! Seems that demand for these sticks has been very strong, and they've been working hard at keeping enough stock on hand! I'm really looking forward to reviewing them: look for a full review soon.

Got Tokens?
If you're a fan of game tokens (or just nostalgic about arcades), you should really check out this new Flickr collection of token photos, or the Token Museum at GoodDealGames. Lots of great designs (and don't forget about this year's BYOAC token pre-orders!)


London Hosts Second CGEUK Event

Report by Kevin Williams
Reprinted with permission from The Stinger Report 14/8/05


Doris Self in ActionThe South London Fairfield Halls conference venue played host to the second years gathering of classic console, arcade and pinball enthusiast creating Europe’s largest retro event. The Classic Gaming Expo UK proved a great success, and proved an important milestone in the establishment of the Europe into the profitable and popular classic gaming scene. The event took place on Saturday 13th August 2005, and was the Second event mixing a strong dealing and show floor with Question & Answer sessions with classic developers and world record high-score holders.

This year's event established a new level of status joining forces with Twin Galaxies (, the official repository of video game high-scores since the 80’s – known by many as the official electronic scoreboard. Walter Day, official score keeper and chief editor of Twin Galaxies ‘Official Video Games & Pinball Book of World Records’, brought a group of world record scorers on the core classic games to the UK on a good will tour, and created a impressive gathering of expert players and pure gaming enthusiasm, which those luck enough to attend a Q&A session during the event got to ask probing questions regarding what makes these players tick.

The Twin Galaxies involvement with CGEUK also included the throwing down of the gauntlet to wider European support of the classic gaming community and into the achieving of world record scores. The US and Canadian team was supported by their first UK world record player, a new addition to the team. But also a partition was signed by attendees to the exhibition that was to be taken to Paris, and encourage a grand competitive American Vs. France play-off. A European Video Game Championship was held during the day, with the high-score players competing against visitors to the event. The event racking up one record with the highest score on one credit played on Space Harrier achieved by one of the Twin Galaxy team.

Of the Twin Galaxies ‘dream team’ of top scorers the world famous ‘Player-of-the-Century’ Billy Mitchell made an appearance at the event. Mr. Mitchell is the current world record holder on a slew of classic titles, including the famous perfect Pac-Man high-score. Bill proved a popular and enthusiastic ambassador to the fun that is high-score gaming. Expanding on the popularity of classic gaming a unique promotion was supported by CGEUK and Twin Galaxies with a special limited edition hot sauce being given at the event, hoping to build on brand identity and a really good condiment.

Billy showed a video of a perfect clocking of Donkey Kong (clearing the high-score), this video played next to the live super high-score playing of the oldest world record playing female player. At a youthful 80-year old Doris Self, offered testament to the youthful properties of playing the old school video games. Her chosen classic Q*Bert was masterfully played; a special award made by Twin Galaxies recognized the world record accomplishment.

Many of the classic arcade machines were supplied by computer game legend Archer Maclean, brining a number of machines from his vast collection of vintage systems. Mr. Maclean also sat in on a Q&A session with gathered video game developers asked about their views on their previous glories and the future of the classic gaming scene.

The event organized by Chris and Christina proved a valuable and well attended event and with the European dimension looks to be going from strength to strength. The popularity of Retro-Gaming has reached a new level of popularity and it is hoped that as with the vast North American Classic gaming event the London extravaganza will become a well known fixture in all fans diaries.

Note: I'd like to extend a special thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report for this report and photos of this year's Computer Game Expo UK.

PaperBoy Prank
What if you have an unusual fondness for the classic video game PaperBoy and a legion of geek friends willing to help you out with a great idea for a prank? You get this funny video, of course!

"Mars" Chapter Released
I don't know if you've been following the Gyruss-inspired "From Neptune to Earth" saga, co-written by Treyonic's own Jim Kyrch. The Mars chapter has just been released, continuing the story of the 357th JMFAS (Joint Military Forces Attack Squadron).

More Pinball Furniture
It looks like the concept of a Pinball Coffee Table has now gone mainstream, with Maxwell furniture offering them, as well as backbox-based tables and more.

A Slice of Americana
Check out this article in the Denver Post about Lyons Classic Pinball, and join me in a big sigh as you realize there's not such a cool collection of pins anywhere near you.


Wico Leaf-Switch Review Updated
The Wico Leaf-switch JoystickI've just finished updating my review of the Wico Leaf-Switch joystick, thanks to a generous loan by Robbie Fusinato. A true "one-of-a-kind" leaf-switch design makes the Wico a unique joystick experience, one that has a spawned some very devoted fans. So how does it measure up? Check out the review!

New Coin-Op.TV Interview
Lots of great new stuff over at COIN-OP.TV!

NEW EPISODE: Angela Murrow interviews MARK S. RUDOLPH, Director of Marketing for SNK Playmore USA, at E3 2005. Mark shares some hot new release info on the classic coin-op arcade games being released onto consoles systems this year.

Extreme Retrogaming Tattoos
Gaming TattooOkay, this is perhaps going a bit over the top, but you've got to admire this guy's devotion to video gaming! Take a look at his designs and the final result as he gets his own personal "history of videogaming totem" tattooed into his skin, starting with Pong and working his way up

Martin officials won't back video game limits in Jensen
Pac Ringtones Headed Home
Techmo Classic Arcade Released for XBox
He Builds a Mean Pinball
Classic British Games Re-released at CG Expo
Man Dies After 50 hours of Video Games
Atari and Activision Ink Agreement for Flashback 2


MAMEDev Interview: Reip
Yes, Bob Seidel is back with another great MAMEDev interview, this time with Pierpaolo Prazzoli (Reip). Learn what discovery led Reip into contact with the MAMEdev team, and where it lead him from there! As always, a fascinating interview and a great read, and it's now available over on the Retrogaming Articles page.

CGE UK: This Time It's War!
The Classic Gaming Expo UK and the editors of Twin Galaxies’ Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records are planning an international classic arcade event that pits Americans against European arcade players.

Scheduled for Saturday, August 13, 2005, the event, titled: “Crowning the Classic Video Game Champions of Europe,” will be a featured activity at the 2005 Classic Gaming Expo UK, at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon, a suburb 20 miles south of Central London on Highway A23, near Gatwick Airport.

Conducted by Walter Day, chief editor of Twin Galaxies’ Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, the official record book for the worldwide electronic gaming industry, the event will monitor high-score game play on five classic games to determine a European Champion. Thrown in for some healthy competition are top US and Canadian players. Click for full details! (Thanks to Timo Reinikka for the news)

Classic Arcades Joins Forces with IPB!
Direct from Jeff McAfee of Classic Arcades:

"We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Illinois Pin Ball Company. In addition to being a supplier, I am now the official webmaster of their website.

IPB has given me the authority to make the following projects happen if there is an interest for them. It is up to you to make these projects a reality. No money is required to pre-order the products that are mentioned below. As a thank you for pre-ordering, you will be given a great discount for help making this project a go.

These decals will be screen printed and will be identical to both look and feel as the originals.

Project #1: Complete set of Pinbot decals.
Project #2: Complete set of Addams Family Cloud Decals

Please take a moment to go to IPB's website and make this project a
reality. Kim really want's to make IPB your first choice for all of your pinball needs."

CCAG 2005 Coming in October!
The 2005 Classic Computing And Gaming Show is coming! Scheduled for October 22nd from 2-7pm in the spacious National Guard Armory in Lorain, Ohio, the CCAG will feature classic computing and retrogaming fun for everyone. Oh, and guess what? It's totally free!

About that Integrated VPinMAME Installer...
Apparently, the integrated installer on the PinballSim site no longer works — it seems the files in the current package are out-of-date. I'll check in with the team and see if they have any plans for an updated installer, but in the meantime, I'd recommend that if you're interested in Visual PinMAME you check out this great PinMAME tutorial instead.


Raiders of the Lost Arcade
Raiders of the Lost ArcadeA new video on RetroBlast! This is a short (but classic) segment from the TV show Futurama, entitled "Raiders of the Lost Arcade." It's a loving tribute to the glory days of arcade gaming. Look for cameos by the classic video game characters Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Q*Bert, and more. Check it out!

Catching Up
The temporary test labOkay, it's been nearly a full month that I've been unable to really devote the time that I would like to RetroBlast, and unfortunately that means a huge backlog of reviews and site "to-do's" that I have to try and catch up on. It's gotten so backed up around here that I've had to take over the gameroom ping-pong table as a temporary "test lab" since my shop is so full of junk. The good news? Summer vacation is almost over, and that means I'll have a lot more time to devote to the site once my kids are back in school.

So, what's on tap? Well, the long-delayed trackball roundup, for one thing. And a bunch of other reviews I've been meaning to finish up but just haven't found the time this summer. I've got a very cool giveaway contest coming up, and I've also got the site overhaul to get back to, with the promise of an RSS newsfeed and more. Plus, I'm tinkering with the idea of setting up a community "classifieds" page.

Anyway, I know that you've all been very patient, and I do want to apologize for the delays. Give me a couple more weeks, and RetroBlast will be back up to speed with more new content than you can shake a joystick at.

2005 BYOAC Tokens Pre-Order
Wow, this news caught me off guard: the 2005 BYOAC Tokens are now available for pre-order on David Santoro's web site! I think this year's design is exceptional, and I've already plunked down my cash. Note that if there are not enough pre-orders to at least break even, no tokens will be made (and all pre-orders refunded). In other words, if you're interested, put in an order soon!

Visual PinMAME Made Easy
Visual Pinball and PinMAME make a great team when it comes to PC pinball simulations. The combination of a good pinball table simulator (Visual Pinball) and a pinball "system" emulator (PinMAME) allows you to "play" a genuine pinball machine on your computer with the original game's ROM code controlling the action. (I've found it invaluable in "playtesting" pinballs that I'm thinking of purchasing.)

The only problem is that installing the two programs and getting them talking to each other can be a bit tricky. Enter the PinballSim site, which has developed an "all-in-one" installer, including a front end like VPLauncher, and you've got a great way to relive all your favorite pinball machines.

PAPA 8 Begins Tomorrow
The PAPA 8 World Pinball Championship begins tomorrow. In what has got to be the retrogaming miracle story of the year, Kevin Martin has managed to rebuild an amazing collection after the devastating floods last year that destroyed hundreds of pinball machines. If you're a pinball wizard, you need to be heading to Pittsburgh this weekend: there's over $33,000 in prize money to be had!

(Be sure and also check out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's article on this year's PAPA competition!)


Sorry for the delay in getting back to things, but the entire family caught a stomach flu bug as soon as we got back and things have been, well, ugly around here. I'm still not 100%, but here's the news:

X-Arcade Solo Joystick Price Drop
X-Arcade SoloXgaming, Inc, developer of high end video game hardware, has just announced a $20 price drop for its best-selling X-Arcade™ Solo Joystick. In North America, the new suggested retail price will be moved from $99.95 to $79.95. This marks the first price drop in the history of the Solo Joystick. Full Press Release.

Lego Pinball!
Lego PinballHere's a cool idea for your next Lego MindStorms project: a working pinball machine! It's a interesting design challenge, and it looks like Thomas Waadeland has apparently created a lot of other interesting Lego robotic creations, but it's the pinball machine in particular that caught my eye. (Thanks to James McGovern for the news!)

Christian IGames is now live!
TLC Industries is pleased to announce the launch of Christian IGames. The website is a channel of NextArcade featuring a selection of computer games carefully reviewed by an advisory panel featuring clergy, parents, children and game developers. Additionally, the NextArcade Desktop provides features designed to make buying and playing games more fun, safe and secure for families.

MAME 0.99 Released
Yup, the miracle workers on the MAMEdev team have cranked out another update to MAME, and it's available from the site. (Here's to hoping they actually relent and go with a genuine 1.0 release for the next update!)

FoxTrot on Videogame Nudity

WPC Pinball No-Pop Boards
A second run of "No-Pop" boards is being manufactured for WPC-based pinball machines. I've got one of these in my WPC "Dr. Who" pinball, and it has completely eliminiated the loud "POP" noise when turning the machine on or off. If you've got a WPC pinball and can't stand the "POP!", then check this out!

Revenge from Mars Mini-Saucer LED Kit™
Revenge from Mars LED kitBill Ung has done it again: in addition to his excellent Attack from Mars Mini-Saucer LED Kit (see review), he's now releasing a version of the kit for Revenge from Mars. Similar to the AFM board, this board also includes a new feature: a circuit to turn off the saucers when the rest of the playfield goes dark. This way, the saucers can be off during modes like the "Hypno Beam".


I'm back. More news soon. (Last trip for a while, I promise!)

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