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September 2005 News Archive


GameRoom Magazine Winner!
Another day, another winner in the RetroBlast Giveaways: Today's winner is Brian Buffington, who wins the first "6+6" subscription from GameRoom Magazine (that's six back issues and six new issues, a great way to jump start your GameRoom reading library!)

GameRoom's New Web Site
Speaking of GameRoom magazine, it looks like they've just overhauled their web site, and the new site looks great.

XGaming Midway CD Wiiners
Gotta love Fridays — lots and lots of winners. Here are this week's 5 winners of the XGaming Midways Games CD. Congrats to everyone!

  • Jason Jutras (aka Twisty!)
  • Christine Hughes
  • Hieu Nguyen
  • Jon Anders
  • Jon Steltenpohl


Mario and Pac-Man face off in new arcade game
Pac vs. Mario, Race!The long-rumored release of Mario Kart Arcade GP looks to finally be a reality.

An arcade sit-down racing game that includes both the Nintendo Mario and Namco Pac-Man characters, you'll finally be able to pit them against each other and find out who's the video game character with the best skillz this October.

Rollie Electronics Joysticks Winner!
If it's Thursday, I guess it must be time to announce the first winner of the Rollie Electronics Translucent Joystick Giveaways, and that winner is Joe Levell! He wins a pair of translucent joysticks with his choice of color. Congrats, Joe!

BuddaBing's LED Blaster
It looks like "BuddaBing"'s LED driver board is going to production! Boards will cost $69.95, and that includes the driver board, parallel cable, power cable, and CD with driver software. This board will be used with upcoming versions of MAME and the Controls.dat file to light just the buttons used in a game, and will even include an "attract mode". I've mentioned I love blinky lights, right? ;-)


Pachislo Paradise, Part 2
The much-anticipated second part of Mitch Gerson's look into the world of Japanese Pachislo "Skill Stop" slot machines, this time with reviews of his Metal Slug and Tekken Pachislos, along with Stealth Amusements and Specialty Stands. There are a lot of pictures and yes, even a video as well, all available over on the RetroBlast Articles page.

"Texas Fold'em" Debuts from TLC
Okay, I guess it's official: Poker is red hot. Direct from the TLC press release): "TLC Industries, Inc., unveiled Texas Fold’em at this year’s AMOA Expo. Texas Fold’em is a coin-op arcade version of the hot and trendy card game, Texas Hold’em. An ingenious spin-off with some new twists and turns, Texas Fold’em follows the Texas Hold’em hand hierarchy and terminology, but adds even more excitement and stimulation by allowing players to control four hands simultaneously, folding the lower ones. Following U.S. gaming laws, Texas Fold’em is strictly for adult amusement and redemption. Players never get a cash payout but earn points for their quick-witted card skills."

MAME Marquees Marquee Winner!
The first MAME Marquees winner (who wins, coincidentally, a marquee of his choice) is Chris Greiner! He gets to pick from any of the great marquee designs available over on the MAME Marquees site. Congrats, Chris!

Operators Find Pinball’s Magic And Mystery Still Alive In 2005
Think pinball's considered dead and buried, even by amusement operators? Apparently, not quite yet. Check out this Vending Time's article on the lasting (and living) legacy of pinball.

Midway Treasures 3 Races to Store Shelves
Yup, the third edition of the Midway Treasures game collections has been released for XBox and PS2, an all-racing game edition no less. Personally, I'd love to see more of these "themed" game compliations!


SlikStik Lighted Joysticks Winner!
SlikStik Lighted JoysticksI'm happy to announce the first winner of the SlikStik Lighted Joysticks is David France! David wins two joystick shafts with his choice of shaft style (for Happs Competition, Super, or P360 base) and color (from seven solid colors or multi-color). Congrats!

Alawar Releases "Snowy: Fish Frenzy"
Fish FrenzyFrom the press release: "Bears like fish. Snowy, the adorable hero of games from Alawar Entertainment, is no exception. In Fish Frenzy, his new downloadable offering for the PC, he's caught so many fish, he's attracted a gang of sticky-fingered cats. Even with the help of his friends, Snowy can't guard his dinner from all of the felonious felines. Will you lend a hand?"

New Coin-Op.TV Interview:
Jerry Huber of Midway Home Entertainment

Angela Murrow interviews Jerry Huber (Midway Home Entertainment) and gets the scoop on the new Midway Arcade Treasures Collection 3 coming out for all platforms in Oct 2005! All webisodes can be found in the episodes section of the Coin-Op.TV site.

The Ultimate MAME Portable?
GP2X HandheldCheck out the GP2X Handheld, the successor to the GP32 handheld. What's it got to offer? How about the fact that it runs Linux, which means MAME, and a 320x240 LCD screen that even has a TV-out option! There's a lot more — think MP3 player, DiVX videos, and...oh, yeah: MAME! I even hear it plays some other games. Thanks to Keith Olson for the news!


Alawar "Pick 3" Winner!
The first winner of the Alawar "Pick 3" Games Giveaway has just been selected. Congrats to "Sue and Steve", who have just won their choice of three games from Alawar's great collection!

Corrupted Videos
It's been brought to my attention (thanks Brian!) that several of the RetroBlast videos were corrupted, probably during the move to the new host. I've re-uploaded all the damaged videos that I've found, but if you run across something that doesn't look quite right, please let me know. Thanks!


80's Themed Arcade Sign Artwork
Want that last little bit of classic "arcade ambiance" for your gameroom? Check out the great 80's-styled arcade sign artwork available over at Peter Hirshberg's site. It's in Adobe Illustrator format, so you can tweak it to your needs.

Arcade Pens
Is it a pen or a video game?If you've ever dreamed that you could play games on (rather than with) your pen, this is for you: game pens, complete with D-pad. Like all compromises, this one looks to be neither a great pen, nor a great gaming experience. Still, ya gotta applaud the attempt...

ABC News Reviews the Atari Flashback 2.0
It's Play Day for Pinball Wizards, Arcade Enthusiasts
Pinball of the Dead


SlikStik Lighted Joystick Handles Review
SlikStik Lighted JoysticksAs promised, here is the written companion review to the video review I posted a couple of days ago. The SlikStik lighted balltop joysticks are well-engineered top-of-the-line joysticks — so why did they freak me out? Check out the review to find out what unsettled me so much about these great sticks!

High Tech RetroConsole
Gen NEX consoleHow's this for the marriage of modern wireless gaming with old school retrogaming: an NES clone console with 2.4Ghz wireless controllers! The Generation NEX console plays NES and Famicon games, and features optional wireless gamepads. A very cutting-edge way to get your old console gaming fix.
Thanks to Dan Hower for the link!

Today's XGaming CD Winners!
Here are the five lucky winners in week 2 of the XGaming Midway Games CD giveaways:

  • Robert M Helvie
  • Chuck Smalls
  • Hector Sanchez
  • John Van Valer
  • Patrick Chase

Stay tuned for next week, as there will be contest winners posted every weekday!


The Birth of RetroBlast!
Shield your eyes...How and why did RetroBlast come into being? And who is this "Kevin Steele" guy that we keep hearing about? Reprinted from GameRoom Magazine and now available over on the Retrogaming Articles Page is my own account of the birth of RetroBlast, with far more information than I'm sure you care to know...

XGaming Trackball Orders Now Being Taken
XGaming Trackball MouseYes, the long-awaited X-Arcade Trackball mouse is no longer trapped in "PreOrder Limbo": XGaming is now taking orders for the controller (and at a great $99.95 price)! The trackball will be shipping in November, and I'll be reviewing the controller soon as well, so stay tuned!

Nolan Bushnell, Judge
It looks like the father of Atari, Nolan Bushnell, will one of the judges on the new show Made In The USA, "television's newest and most ingenious reality program where America's unknown inventors and entrepreneurs get their shot at fame and fortune... and a chance to win a one-year contract with TV shopping network HSN." Thanks to Mitch Gerson for the link!


SlikStik Lighted Balltop Joysticks Video Review
SlikStik Lighted Joystick HandlesA video review of SlikStik's new lighted balltop joysticks, including installation. Glowing like an alien orb, these sticks certainly bring on the "bling" — but how do they work as joysticks? Check out the new RetroBlast video to find out. (The written review should be up in a day or so.)

Retrogaming is now Fashionable least, according to this Tom's Hardware article it is. Bask in your coolness, fellow enthusiasts! Thanks to Cerian Knight for the link!

Replacement Whirlwind Compass Overlay
Classic Arcades wrote in to announce their new "compass overlay" for Whirlwind pinball machines. It looks like a nice job, and the compass area is certainly one of the high-wear areas!

New Coin-Op.TV Episodes
Great new videos available over at COIN-OP.TV:

9/19/05 - Danielle Kotzias (of COIN-OP.TV) challenges local New Hampshire girl Justine Baker (Miss Winnipesaukee 2004), who was a score keeper at Funspot's annual tournament in 2005, to a game of Air Hockey. Check out all the fun and madness as the crowd cheers 'em on!

9/11/05 - Nafeesa DeFlorias interviews Luke Chueh a Los Angeles artist who showcased some of his compositions at the recent 'I am 8-Bit' show at the Gallery 1988.

9/3/05 - Angela Murrow interviews Scott Rubin, Namco Mobile Arcade, at E3 2005. Scott talks about the mobile arcade revolution and how Namco is at the heart of it all with Pac-Man celebrating 25 years of fun.


Contest Update
Just wanted to post some details on the contest drawings: most of the contests are either weekly or monthly, with a few big prizes (such as the grand prize) being drawn in early December (sorry, don't have a specific date yet, but the goal is to have the prize in the winner's hands before Christmas!)

I'm posting the winners' names on the news page with each drawing, and also notifying them via email.

Next drawing is for another 5 X-Gaming Midway Games CDs this Friday (9/23), and then things really get fun next week, when I will pick the first winners in each of these contests:

  • Alawar "pick 3" game winner on Monday
  • SlikStik lighted joysticks on Tuesday
  • MAMERoom Marquee on Wednesday
  • Rollie joysticks on Thursday
  • GameRoom subscription
    (and next set of 5 X-Gaming CD's!) on Friday.

I'm just warming up, in other words! I've still got one more very cool giveaway to announce, but not until October.

ErrorWare Pac-Man Shirt
Pac-Man 256th Level ShirtWant to show off the ultimate arcade gaming accomplishment to the world? Check out this retro-styled T-shirt from errorware showing the legendary "256th level" screen of Pac-Man (when the game crashes), including a perfect score of 3,333,360 which is the highest possible score if you eat every dot, every ghost, and every fruit for 255 levels, arguably the toughest accomplishment in gaming! Thanks to Cameron Bjelkevig for the link!


UPDATE: RetroBlast Site Move Complete
It looks like everything has finally fallen into place: the site has been moved, the DNS information has updated, and even the email has started pouring in again.

For those who are curious: I moved to Dream Host after my previous host (LunarPages) "force upgraded" me to a hosting plan that was much more expensive than the one I had originally signed on for. RetroBlast is a bandwidth hog, I realize, but you just don't "stealth upgrade" your clients!

Let's hope I don't have to do this again for a few more years...


Nintendo's New Controller
Nintendo's new controllerYou know, it's not often that news of a new game controller gets me excited, but this one has. Unassuming looking (even boring), the new Nintendo controller adds motion sensors to create a truly unique and innovative controller. Don't believe me? Check out the video showing this thing in action!

Coin-Operated Boy
Insert Coin Here...Okay, this is only marginally gaming related, but if you've ever fantasized about having a coin slot on your chest, you'll want to check the "Coin Operated Boy" music video by the Dresden Dolls out (just don't blame me when you can't get the song out of your head!)


New MAME Marquees Prizes!
Click to enter the MAME Marquee Cab Art giveaways!The RetroBlast Giveaways continue to grow: please welcome MAME Marquees to the contest: they're offering four marquees and a full-blown set of cabinet art (all winner's choice for the art design!). Check out their fearsome and cool looking "Monster Arcade" artwork, btw!

Okay, it's time to announce the winner of the MAMERoom Pop-Up Contest and the first five winners of the X-Gaming Midway Games Pack CDs:

MAMERoom Custom Control Panel Winner:

James Clement

X-Gaming Midway Games Pack CD Winners:

Roger Bensley
Bob Krosnowski
Chris Upton
Erik Dewey
Scott Polak

Congrats to everyone! The next drawing will be next Friday for another 5 X-Gaming CDs, unless another pop-up contest appears before then (hint, hint ;-)

"Life After Death 2" Pinball DVD Announced
GameRoom Magazine has announced the upcoming Life After Death 2: Builiding a Better Bride DVD. Horror story? No, pinball restoration!'s Rob Craig and silverball sidekick Steve Rothschild show how to handle a complete playfield swap, one of the most time-consuming tasks for any pinball hobbyist.

Mantis Re-Engineered Pinball Troughs!
Mantis Pinball TroughMantis Amusements has just announced their new re-engineered Williams Pinball Troughs. If you own a late model Williams or Bally pin, odds are you've had to file down your trough because of bumps or nicks that keep the balls from ejecting. This ingenious design fixes the problem and even adds some cool new features (such as a ball lock to keep the balls from falling out when the playfield is lifted!)

Alawar Announces Hyper-Space Invaders
Hpyerspace InvadersFrom the press release: "Alawar Entertainment, a leading publisher of downloadable games for the PC, is proud to announce the release of Hyperspace Invaders. In the new arcade space shooter, hostile aliens pursue the human race across the galaxy to deliver a devastating final blow. To save mankind, you must navigate one of 12 ships across a scrolling 3D combat zone and unleash its guns upon an unrelenting stream of aggressors. Although you will face more than 50 different enemies and six massive bosses throughout 30 levels of intense action, your arsenal includes 10 upgradeable weapons, 10 powerful missiles and power-ups that tip the odds of survival in your favor."


Last Day for MAMERoom "Pop-Up" Contest!
Today's the last day for entries for the free custom-designed MAMERoom control panel (review). To enter check out the bright yellow box above, and good luck! ;-)

First X-Gaming Midway Games CD Drawings Tomorrow
I got your game CDs right here...I'll be picking five lucky winners of the X-Gaming Midway Games CD tomorrow — winners will be posted on the front page and notified via email. The CD includes a killer lineup: Joust, Gauntlet, Rampage, Defender, Smash TV, and my all time fave, Robotron: 2084. How cool is that?

New Keyboard Encoder
Arcaze USB EncoderYou know, I love finding out about new products through the Google Ads on my site: check out this new "Arcaze USB" keyboard encoder from Simple Solutions: 40 inputs, support for keyboard LEDs, and it's reprogrammable. I'll see what I can do to set up a review.

MAME .100 "1.00 Edition" Released
Yup, MAME 1.00, oh, sorry: ".100" has just been released. Head on over to to get your copy.

Mario Turns 20
Taito Legends Released by Sega
Redlands Family Arcade Opens


A RetroBlast Look at Pachislo Machines
We're kicking off a two part series in which Mitch Gerson delves into the world of Japanese "Skill Stop" slot machines, also know as Pachislo or Pachislots. He looks into everything from how they're made to how they get to the US, so hop on over to the RetroBlast Articles page and check out Part 1!

10% RetroBlast Discount at Stealth Amusements
I nearly forgot to mention that Stealth Home Amusements is offering a 10% discount on all their Pachislo machines (including sale machines) if you mention RetroBlast when ordering! I've personally bought a Pachislo machine through them and it was a great experience.

SlikStik Site Updated
New SlikStik SiteWow, it looks like this is the week for site overhauls: just visited last night and discovered they've completely re-done their site. It's a great new design, kudos to "Team SlikStik" for the new layout! Speaking of SlikStik, look for my review of their lighted joystick handles soon!

AMOA Expo Begins
Today marks the beginning of the annual AMOA Expo, which runs through Friday at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Amusement & Music Operators Association (AMOA)'s expo is the "E3" of the amusement and arcade industry, where they unveil their hottest new properties: just check out the list of exhibitors!

Graphic Violence Wall Displays
Invasor Wall HangingNo, not blood spatters, but cool retro-styled wall hangings. I'm personally partial to this little "space invaders" guy, complete with a textured moon surface that even includes rover marks! Just the thing for decorating your gameroom. If you're really in a retro mood, be sure and check out their Atari 2600 joystick toppers!

Best Buy Game Liquidation
Got word from James McGovern that Best Buy is liquidation-pricing a huge selection of console and PC games. Check it out: there are some great titles for just $5!

Yay for Me!
I just won a pinball machine on eBay, a very nice looking Twilight Zone! This brings my pin collection up to three machines: Attack From Mars, Dr. Who, and now a Twilight Zone. Now I've just got to figure how to break the news to the wife...


Hey, Asteroids-Face!
Aieee - run from the rock man!Check out these incredibly weird videogame-related Halloween costumes! As they say on the site, "Videogames were certainly popular, but some of these costumes just defy explanation. Though I can imagine Link would be a fun outfit for many, the Asteroids costume is one of the all time weirdest ones ever made. Though the simulated Atari cartridge box is pretty cool, I have to admit." Thanks to Scott Peterson for the link!

Asteroids Watch
Asteroids WatchIn an amazing Asteroids coincidence, Cordata also posted news yesterday on of this funky Asteroids-themed watch from Fossil. Now, for only $130, you can have an animated asteroids game playing on the background of your watch. It's a limited edition of only 5000, though, so move fast if you want one!

Robot Chicken Takes on Retrogaming
"Ant" pointed out these two great video clips from the Robot Chicken show: Robot Chicken: Frogger, and Robot Chicken: Donkey Kong Meets Halo. Funny stuff — check 'em out!


Dream Authentics' New Web Site
Dream Authentics Web SiteIt looks like Dream Authentics has just updated their web site, completely redesigning it with new products and some great new features — I especially liked the new 360° views of the cabinets. They've also officially added their two new cabinet designs, the Excalibur and the Eladius. A great lineup of cabs, and (dare I say it?) the stuff that dreams are made of. ;-)

Dream Arcades Grand Prize Entry System Now Online!
Entries for the Dream Arcades Cocktail Cabinet grand prize giveaway (your choice of side-by-side or head-to-head) are now being accepted over on the RetroBlast Contest Page! All aboard!

Pac Man Pillows
Pac Man PillowsNeed that perfect finishing touch for your gameroom? Well, these Pac-Man Pillows may not be it, but they're still cute. Two different sizes are available, but unfortunately no ghosts or power pills to be found. Thanks to John Laur for the link!


Translucent Joysticks
Translucent JoysticksSome cool control panel bling, this time courtesy of Rollie Electronics ("Ponyboy" on the BYOAC forums). These unique balltop joysticks come in a variety of translucent colors, and they look to be a stylin' addition to any control panel! They sell for $9.95 — email Ponyboy on the BYOAC forums to order.

Rollie Electronics Joystick Giveaways
Click to enter the Rollie Electronics Joystick giveaways!Speaking of translucent joysticks, you have to know that I was going to give you a chance to win a pair! Rollie Electronics has donated four pairs of these new joysticks, and we'll be giving away a pair a month as part of the giveaways!

GameRoom Magazine Giveaways
Click to enter the GameRoom Magazine giveaways!Please welcome GameRoom Magazine to the RetroBlast giveaways! I've been a very happy subscriber to GameRoom Magazine, and am more than happy to have them participating in the 2005 giveaways. They're giving away several subscriptions and videos: check the contest page for full details!


New Prizes from Alawar!
Click to enter the Alawar Pick 3 Game giveaways!Please welcome Alawar Entertainment to the RetroBlast 2005 Giveaways! They're offering a unique "pick 3" games pack: browse their games catalog, pick your favorite three games, and you just might win them! Open to everyone! Full details on the Contest Page.

2005 BYOAC Tokens are Go!
Just got word from David Santoro that this year's edition of the BYOAC tokens have just been sent for manufacturing. I personally think this year's tokens have the best design yet, and now's the time to order them!

Playing With Your Food
Pac-man DinnerI don't know quite what to say about this blog entry other than it's always nice to see how deeply ingrained into our collective subconsious video games have become. Thanks to Ian Piggott (aka The Pinny Parlour) for the link!

When Gamers Become Parents
Top Ten Classic Space Shooters
Old-time Pinball Flips As It Meets Modern Video Games


MAMERoom Control Panel Service Video Review
MAMERoom Panel Design Video ReviewHey, hey! What's this? A new video review from RetroBlast? (Can you tell that my kids are back in school? ;-) Now available on the Video Reviews page is my look at MAMERoom's control panel design service. A 'turnkey' solution to creating your own custom control panel, is it all that it can be? Check out the vid!

Even Better: A FREE Custom Panel!
MAMERoom is giving away one free custom panel! This is the first RetroBlast "pop-up" contest, and it'll run until next Friday, when I post the lucky winner. Check the Front Page for full details, and good luck!

Want an autographed copy of Videogames: In The Beginning?
James Krych pointed out to me that you can get an autographed copy of Videogames: In the Beginning at GoodDealGames for just $5 more than the regular copy price. Ralph H. Baer is considered by many to be the father of the modern video game, and getting a signed copy of his book documenting the birth of an entire industry seems like a must-have in my book. (heh...bad pun...)


MAMERoom Control Panel Design Service Reviewed
MAMERoom Design ServiceGot a fantastic idea for a control panel layout, but don't quite feel up to the challenge of cutting your own panel? MAMERoom has a new service: control panel design software that allows you to submit your designs directly to MAMERoom for production! So, how does it work and what sort of results can you expect? Check out the Review!

X-Arcade Trackball Controller Coming in November
X-Arcade TrackballThe long-awaited X-Arcade trackball controller looks to be ready for shipment in November, just in time for Christmas! A sleek looking 3-button design, it looks to be just the thing for those who can't stand the thought of playing Centipede with a mouse (myself included!)

Speaking of the X-Arcade Trackball...
How would you like to win one? Yup, X-Gaming has generously donated five of their new trackball control panels for this year's RetroBlast giveaways! Not only that, but they've also throwing in 50 (yes, fifty) copies of the Midway Games Pack CD! Check the RetroBlast front page for full contest entry details! Wowza...


Videogames: In The Beginning (A Second Look)
Just in: a second look by Jim Krych at the book Videogames: In the Beginning, by Ralph Baer. Normally I don't do multiple reviews of the same book, but this one has really sparked a lot of interest in the retrogaming community, and I definitely felt it deserves the attention. Check out the review!

More Prizes Coming!
I don't want to jump the gun, but I will be posting some more details soon about some great additions to the RetroBlast giveaways from XGaming, Inc., and it involves a product that hasn't even been released yet!


New Contest Begins!
Yup, I've just posted all of the details on the new, improved RetroBlast giveaways on the front page. The grand prize has also been announced: your choice of a side-by-side or head-to-head cocktail gaming cabinet from Dream Arcades!

The entry rules for the grand prize contest are still being worked out, but in the meantime I've already started one of the other giveaways: SlikStik is offering four sets of lighted balltop joystick handles, one pair a month, with your choice of color and handle type! To enter, click on the button or visit the front page for more details!

Lighted SlikStik Control Panel
SlikStik lighted control panelSpeaking of lighted joystick handles, check out this custom Classic unit that SlikStik recently produced for a customer. It features lighted joystick handles, translucent buttons (each lit by an LED), and a lighted trackball. I think the picture speaks for itself: this is a very cool looking control panel! All of this glorious lighted bling is powered off of the unit's IPAC encoder, by the way!

More Lego Design News
No, I'm not adding Lego reviews to the RetroBlast lineup, but I did want to pass along a tip from John Laur: "You can’t point out MLCad without also mentioning the ever present behemoth of lego CAD, ldraw at MLcad is popular, but LDraw is the de-facto standard." There you have it.


Contest Changes
As I've mentioned on the front page, it looks like the NextArcade contest has, well, imploded. I'm sorry about this, and frankly more than a bit angry about it, as I had no control at all over what was going on. The good news? I'm not giving up — RetroBlast will have a contest, and there will be a great grand prize. I'll unveil it all tomorrow, so stay tuned.

DDR-Themed Music Video
Like your music with a dash of arcade gaming? Check out the video for "Chicken Payback" by the Bees. This is one of the most bizarre and funky chicken videos I've ever seen (funky chicken...heh...) Thanks to John Laur for pointing it out, and I dare you to get this song out of your head after you've heard it...

Lego CAD
A Lego Arcade Cab!Like building things with Lego blocks? Check out the Lego CAD program which allows you to design your creations on computer first. It even prints out a list of the parts you'll need! Obviously, RetroBlast contributing writer James McGovern has been having lots of fun with this program (just check out the pic of his Lego cab!)

COIN-OP.TV Celebrates One Year Anniversary!
Yup, Coin-op.TV is one year old, and the new content just keeps on coming: Angela Murrow interviews Scott Rubin of Namco Mobile Arcade at E3 2005, and Robert Welkner reviews Videogames: In The Beginning!

Are Games Getting Easier?
A very interesting article from (of all places) Tom's Hardware about the evolution of games, and why more complex games don't always mean more challenging games. Thanks to Daniel Jackson for the link!

X-Arcade Refurbs $99.95
X-Gaming is having a sale on refurb X-Arcade dual controllers for just $99.95. Check it out: it might be a nice Christmas gift for someone (and yes, that season is coming all too soon!)


The Contest Begins!
Yup, the RetroBlast/Next Arcade Giveaways have begun: see the RetroBlast Front Page for full details!


Contest Delayed
I hate to have to say this, but there will be a slight delay in starting up the new contest due to some last-minute kinks beyond my control. The good news? Dream Arcades has now joined the giveaways with something really special! I'll announce more just as soon as everything's worked out, so stay tuned, and once again I apologize for the delay.

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