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November 2005 News Archive


QuasiCON Control Panel #2 Winner!
QuasiCON ControllerIt's November 30th, time to announce the second winner of a QuasiCON control panel from Quasimoto Interactive: congrats to John Ricketts, who is the second lucky contestant to be getting his hands on one of these fantastic controllers. Way to go, John!

Don't forget, we've got one more of these beauties to give away: the next QuasiCON drawing will be on December 15th!

Today is the last day for you to enter the Grand Prize drawing! Tomorrow we'll be picking the winner of a Dream Arcades cocktail cabinet kit (see review).

This the last day for you to enter for your chance at this beauty, just in time for Christmas...

Something is Going to Happen
What? What is going to happen?

(Check in tomorrow...)


Rollie Electronics Joysticks Winner!
It's time to announce today's prize winner, this time for a pair of Rollie Electronics Translucent Joysticks, and that winner is Patrick Ferre! He wins a pair of translucent joysticks with his choice of color. Congrats, Patrick!

If you want a chance to win the Grand Prize of the RetroBlast 2005 Giveaways, a Dream Arcades cocktail gaming cabinet (your choice of side-by-side or head-to-head), you've only got two more days to enter! The contest drawing is on December 1st, and we'll announce the winner right here. Hurry up and enter if you haven't already!


Snowy: Treasure Hunter Review
Snowy, Treasure HunterJust in from Eric Baldauf is a review of Alawar's Snowy: Treasure Hunter, a Lode Runner inspired digging/puzzle game with an oh-so-cute protagonist. Okay, so he's adorable, and he's got a pickaxe — so how's the gameplay? Fear not, the RetroBlast Reviews Page reveals all...

Final Alawar Pick 3 Winner!
Alawar EntertainmentTime for another contest winner, and this lucky Monday it's Michael McNulty of England who wins the final Alawar "Pick 3" contest! Michael gets his choice of three games from Alawar's great catalog of puzzle and arcade-style PC games. Congrats!

Twin Galaxies in the News, Redux
The Twin Galaxies' site unearthed several 80's vintage newspaper articles about their site and their mission to record arcade game high scores. It's a fascinating flashback!

XBox 360 Banned Commercial
Ready, aim, shoot!Okay, this isn't exactly retrogaming, but this banned XBox 360 commercial brought a smile to my face, bringing back the joy of pretend play and gaming. Check out the amazing John Woo-inspired "gun" battle among literally hundreds of random commuters that had me laughing out loud.

Atari 2600 Whups XBox 360
Pong Clock


KeyWiz Eco Winner!
Groovy Game GearThe winner of the first Groovy Game Gear Giveaway is Lance Kohnke! Congrats, Lance, you're now the proud owner of a KeyWiz Eco No-Solder Encoder!

No prize announcement tomorrow, but tune in again on Monday for a week full of prizes!

Pinball Expo 2005 Video
Didn't get out to this year's Pinball Expo? Never fear, you can now download video of this year's show via Bittorrent!

Brass MAME Tokens Being Re-made!
Got word from David Santoro that he's getting ready to have another run of the brass MAME tokens made. Check it out!

Now That's a Magazine Cover!
PinGame JournalI just had highlight this month's PinGame Journal, especially the cheesecake cover (and risqué inner photo). It's certainly eye-catching, but I only read PGJ for the articles.

Speaking of which, there are some great stories in the issue, including a color photo spread on the AMOA 2005 show. Okay, that isn't exactly an article, but trust me, there's some cool stuff in this month's issue!

European Pac-Man Champion Crowned
Keeping the Pinball Rolling


X-Arcade Trackball Winner #2
It's Friday, time to announce the next winner of an X-Arcade Trackball control panel, and this week's winner is Karl Miracle! Congrats, Mr. Miracle, you just won the second of five X-Arcade Trackballs in the RetroBlast / XGaming giveaways! (With a name like that, how could he not win? ;-)

The giveaways continue: tune in tomorrow for the first Groovy Game Gear winner!

X-Arcade $85 eBay Specials
Speaking of the X-Arcade Trackball, XGaming is currently running a special on eBay: for just $85 you can get either a new X-Arcade Trackball controller or a refurb X-Arcade 2-player panel. If you're doing your holiday shopping online, this is a deal to check out, but do it soon, as this special only runs until November 30th!


SlikStik Joysticks Winner #3!
It's Thanksgiving here in the US, and I'm sure that Paul Jervis is feeling especially thankful, having just won a set of SlikStik Illuminated Joystick Handles! Congrats, Paul!


GameRoom Magazine Video Winner!
Today's prize is a copy of "Pleasure Machines: The History of Pinball" from GameRoom Magazine. While the name is a bit, um, provocative, the video itself is a great summary of the origins of pinball. Today's winner of this video is Don Williams!

Arcade Game Ornaments
Looking for the perfect retrogaming decoration for the holidays? Check out these arcade game ornaments! They've got a new "Tempest" addition for 2005. Not bad at all!


MAME Marquees Winner!
Everyone please give a shout out to Fernando Delgado, who just won a marquee with his choice of marquee design from MAME Marquees! Congrats, Fernando, and enjoy the marquee!

By the way, this marks the start of the "home stretch" of the RetroBlast giveaways: there are going to be prize announcements nearly every weekday from now until December 17th, when the final prize will be given away, so check back often!

More on the bilLABS Multisync Monitor
Finally, the "good news" part of the "good news and bad news" about the bilLABS monitor has arrived. Yes, the BL27CA1K model (review) has been discontinued (that's the bad news, btw), but the new BL27CA1Q model is not a lesser performer (that's the good news!) According to the spec sheet, it looks like it's available in two models: a Tri-Sync (CGA / EGA / VGA) model that is basically an equivalent to the Wells-Gardner D9200 and the Betson Multisync, and a Quad-Sync (CGA / EGA / VGA / SVGA) model that includes a 48kHz mode (that's 1024x768!). No word on the pricing difference for the 48kHz model, but that's the one I'd pick!

Update: Bad news — it looks like the 48kHz version of the bilLABS BL27CA1Q monitor is only available in quantites of 1,000 or more! Time to round up a bunch of cab-building friends... (thanks to Mike Quinlan for the update!)

Twilight Zone Guide
Twilight Zone GuideHere's the ultimate guide to Bally's Twilight Zone pinball: the rules, strategies, even the bugs and "easter eggs". This document has steadily morphed over the years, including being converted into HTML, Microsoft Word, and now Adobe Reader (.PDF) format. Everything's hyperlinked and cross-referenced, and Will Irace even added photos when he converted and updated the document for printing. (Be sure and check out his Twilight Zone page!)


RGT Lightgun First-hand Experiences
I got a great email from Andreas Derr in which he details his experiences with the RGT:G1 light gun (the Xbox/PS2 version):

I have bought the RGT G1 (not the Firehawk). You can get drivers for windows for the gun at . You have to fiddle a little bit around, but it works. The accuracy is not as good as the Act-Labs Guns. But there are two more problems: you cant really aim something, since does not have a notch and bead (rear and front sight) (I hope i translated it right). You only have a -lets say- 30x30 cm area where you can move the gun, since the focus of the camera is very small. If you move too much, the gun doesn't work anymore. Shooting offscreen is not easy. It's better to configure another button as reload, since you cant get the aim back so fast (like you can with the act labs). The good news is that it really works with all monitors, even with my flatscreen. I personally don't use it, since my act-labs works much better. I had some problems with my actblabs guns, but actlabs changed my VGA-boxes and now they work.

Thanks for the email, Andreas!

Coin-Op.TV Does Vidcasting!
Rob over at Coin-Op.TV has just converted several recent episodes into a video podcasting format. If you're into RSS feeds, check it out!

Under The Pier Arcade Game Exhibit
Under the Pier ShowTake Monty Python, mix in coin operated games, and what do you get? The Under The Pier Show, a uniquely British arcade exhibit featuring unique and bizarre custom coin-operated machines. From the "auto-frisk" to the instant weight loss machine, this is as much "pay-performance art" as it is gaming, and it sure looks fun!


Philly Classic 2005 Coverage
RetroBlast's own "roving reporter" Mitch Gerson attended this year's Video Game Expo, also affectionately known as the Philly Classic. With everything from classic consoles to the Videotopia arcade game exhibit, it promised to be a memorable event, but was it all it could be? Visit the Retrogaming Articles page to find out!

Firehawk Light Gun Delayed
It was recently brought to my attention that the RGT:Firehawk light gun, originally scheduled for a "Christmas 2005" release, has been pushed back to a vague "2nd Quarter 2006" date. This is disappointing, as the wireless Firehawk light gun is supposed to work with any display device.

Gamers eat up vintage Colorado arcade
Not your old arcade: high-tech centers capture video craze
Midway Arcade Treasures 3 Review


Stern Pinball "Pinorama"!
Check out these great 360° "pinorama" photos of the Stern Pinball factory! These are in Quicktime VR format, so you'll need to have Quicktime installed, but what a great way to take a virtual tour of the last remaining pinball manufacturer!

Stern Factor in Quicktime VR

Where'd You Find That Music?
I've already gotten several requests about the music in the Philly Classic 2005 video — the answer's in the video's credits, but it got a bit scrunched when the video was recoded for web viewing: "Music from Electroid Rebuilt by Charlie Malone. Visit electroidmusic to purchase this excellent gaming music remix album!"

Legendary Video Game Stars from the 1980s to Gather in Texas
From the PlayMeter news: "A video game convention of superstars who were prominent back in the early 1980s is scheduled for Humble, Texas, Dec. 2-4, 2005.

Among the dozens of visiting celebrities will be Abdner Ashamn of Brooklyn, N.Y., who is world famous as the record holder on Ms. Pac-Man and Robotron. Also, coming from San Jose, Calif., is Mike Klug, a legendary competitor and former world record holder on Atari's Pole Position; and Greg Sakundiak of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who held many world records on classic arcade games during the ‘80s but retired from gaming to pursue a career in professional arm wrestling."


Massive Giveaway Onslaught!
Okay, we're in the home stretch of the RetroBlast 2005 Giveaways, and that means that starting next week there are going to be a lot of prize announcements: we've got four weeks lined up of nearly daily giveaways! If you haven't entered the contests you're interested in, now is the time!

Of special note: the Dream Arcades Grand Prize drawing, for your choice of a side-by-side or head-to-head cocktail cabinet, will be held on December 1st — that's just 12 days away!

Click to enter the Dream Arcade Grand Prize Giveaway!

X-Arcade Trackball Winner #1
At last, it's finally time to announce the first winner of the X-Arcade Trackball control panel, and the winner is Greg Beckley! Congrats, Greg, you just won one of five X-Arcade Trackballs in the RetroBlast/XGaming giveaways!

Stay tuned, because we'll be giving away another unit next Friday!

XGaming Midway Game CD Winners
This is it: the last Midway Game CD giveaways! Here are the final five winners of the XGaming Midway Games CD. Congrats to this week's group:

Jeff Heflin
George Schultz
Dan Imblum
Dennis Gee
William Flaws


Philly Classic Video
The news just keeps pouring in today: just dropped off via FedEx (I'm not kidding) is a report by Mitch Gerson on the Philly Classic Video Gaming Expo held last weekend. I'll get the full report up a bit later, but I thought I'd go ahead and give you the video photo montage Mitch cooked up to whet your appetitie: it's available over on the RetroBlast Video Reviews page!

Hyperspace Invader Review
Hyperspace InvadersIt's looking to be a big review day: hot off the RetroBlast virtual presses is Ron Brown Jr.'s review of URSE game's Hyperspace Invaders, an old-fashioned schmup (shoot 'em up) with power ups and a spiffy modern graphics. But does it add anything new to the genre, and does it get the basics right? Check the Reviews page for the scoop!

Wei-Ya M2929DC-62 / bilLABS BL27CA1K Monitor Review
Wei-Ya Arcade MonitorJust in at RetroBlast is an excellent review of the Wei-Ya M2929DC-62 (where do they get these names?), also known to many of you as "that new bilLABS arcade monitor". Salvador Barqueros, aka “Barkuti”, has written up a great summary of his experiences with this MAME-friendly monitor. Full details over on the Product Reviews page!

Groovy Game Gear Giveaways!
Click to enter the Quasimoto Quasicon giveaways!Yes, more great goodies! Groovy Game Gear has donated three great products for the giveaways: a KeyWiz Eco No-Solder Keyboard Encoder Interface, a GP-Wiz No-Solder Game Controller Interface, and an LED-Wiz Lighting/Output Interface! Full details of the new contest are available from the RetroBlast Contest page.

Note: if you want a particular Groovy Game Gear giveaway item, please specify that in the body of your entry email!

MCM.ini .101 Released
I don't know if you have ever wanted to filter your MAME ROM sets, getting rid of all the mahjong games, for example, but if you do want to "trim the fat," MCM (MAME Content Manager) is the way to do it. And MCM is best with MCM.ini, a special set of filters that makes it even more powerful. Max Hutchinson has just updated the MCM.ini file to version .101, and it's available from the RetroBlast File Downloads page!


Longest Serving Professional Gaming Referee...Walter Day?
Guinness 2006Walter Day, founder of the worldwide electronic gaming industry's official scorekeeper site Twin Galaxies, has been refereeing world computer game high scores since 1982, which apparently has earned him a Guinness world record!

In fact, the entire Twin Galaxies site is now part of the Guinness Book of World Records, covering a full two-page spread in the venerable records book! Congrats, Walter and Twin Galaxies!

MAME .102 Released
Don't know how this slipped under my radar, but MAME .102 was recently released! Adding in a handful of new games and a dollop of bug fixes, MAME just keeps goin' and goin'...


QuasiCON Control Panel Winner!
QuasiCON ControllerIt's November 15th, which means it's time to announce the first winner of the QuasiCON control panel giveaways from Quasimoto Interactive: congrats are due to David Taylor, who is the first contestant to be getting his hands on one of these great controllers. Way to go, David!

Don't forget, we've got two more of these beauties to give away: the next QuasiCON drawing will be on November 30th!

Win an Exclusive Warriors Cab!
The Warriors GameStop is having a promotion with RockStar Games (the GTA folks) to promote their new videogame The Warriors, based on the cult classic movie.

To promote the game, RockStar and GameStop are giving away one of five custom "Warriors"-themed arcade cabs. The cabs are designed to run XBox games and include a 27" flat-screen TV and a 36 watt amp, just the thing for bone-crunching street fights!

Thanks Brian, for the link!

2005 BYOAC Tokens News
2005 BYOAC TokensThe nickel-plated versions of the 2005 BYOAC Tokens are now shipping: I just got mine yesterday, and they are wonderfully shiny. Mitchell Gardiner ("PixelHugger" in the BYOAC forums) has done an absolutely exceptional job this year on the artwork. I'm sorry to have to report that this year's design has already sold out!

The Perfect Home Arcade Carpet?
Astro Carpet MillsAstro carpet Mills If you've been looking for that "arcade authentic" final touch for your home arcade, one of the carpets from Astro Carpet mills might be just the ticket. Not subtle and definitely not for the living room, these unique designs are however perfectly at home in a gameroom, and would probably look fantastic under a black light.


Alawar Pick 3 Winner!
Alawar EntertainmentTime for another contest winner, and today it's Greg Walsh who wins the Alawar "Pick 3" contest! Greg gets his choice of three games from Alawar's ever-growing catalog of puzzle and arcade games. Congrats, Greg!

Big Contest Week
There are several contest announcements coming this week, including the first Quasimoto QuasiCon controller giveaway tomorrow! Better enter now if you want a chance to win!

Retro Arcade Radio
Wow...just when I think I've found the ultimate stash of retrogaming music (see yesterday's news), Peter Hirshberg emails me that he has a Live365 station, entitled Retro Arcade Radio, that includes all of those songs and (monster truck voice) "more, More, MORE!" Very cool and thanks, Peter!

Arcade: The Documentary
Just stumbled across a unique twenty-minute retrogaming-related video over at iFilms: Arcade: The Documentary. Billed as "Documented True Stories of Espionage and Video Game Cover Ups," this video is a quirky, deadpan look at arcade games that will have you asking "is this for real?"

Stern is Hiring!
If you're a pinball-addicted mechanical engineer, Stern wants you. They're currently looking for a Mechanical/Project Eng. to work on the design, development and manufacture of pinball machines at their headquarters in Melrose Park, Illinois.


MAME Startup Video
Here's another very cool video contributed by Alex Schütz: it's a twenty-second animated MAME "startup" sequence, complete with special effects. It's designed for front ends such as MAMEwah, and it sure gets me in a retrogaming mood! (Video is in AVI format)

Video of Europe's Biggest Arcade Game Collection
You think you've got a great home arcade? Check out this video of André Vossen's collection of over a hundred dedicated cabs and 5000 PCBs in Worms, Germany! Thanks again to Alex Schütz for the link!

The Ultimate Collection of Arcade Songs!
Think finding "Pac-Man Fever" on the net is a find? Well, check out this amazing collection of practically every videogame-themed song ever written! Most of these songs are obscure for good reason, but it's still something a true arcadeiac will want to check out. Thanks to James McGovern for the find!

More Coin-Op.TV Goodness
Lots of cool just rolled in over at Coin-Op.TV, including an interview with the creators of Pac-Man World 3.

Get Back to the Arcade
Tecmo Classic Arcade Review
Taito Legends 2: The Second Coming
Out There: Bill Gates Does Doom


XGaming Midway Game CD Winners
Let's all do the Friday winner's shuffle! Here are this week's five winners of the XGaming Midway Games CD. Congrats to this week's group:

Veronica Savage
Michael Flynn
Robert Rakoczy
Tim Wilsie
Adam Kasper

Also, next week marks both the final Midway Games CD giveaway, and the first X-Arcade Trackball control panel giveaway. Stay tuned, because there will be lots of contest news coming up!

Alawar Arctic Quest
Looks like there's a new game from Alawar. From the press release: "In Arctic Quest from Alawar Entertainment, you set out to solve the puzzles, each of which takes the shape of an animal or other tropical wonder. As various pieces of ice fall from the sky, you grab them with your mouse, rotate them and place them on a grid within the puzzle, filling in the shape and returning warmth to the island bit by bit."

Mario Speakers
Want that "retrogaming vibe" on your desktop? Try these funky-looking Mario speakers! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they're for sale yet, but who knows? Stranger things have made it to market. Thanks to Joseph Elwell for the news!

Time (Out) Tunnel
Here's a very interesting project: the Time Out Tunnel Virtual Museum , a movie being created by Peter Hirshberg. Based on a real arcade chain from the 1980's, Peter's movie will recreate the mall-arcade experience (minus the bullies and the bad smells, of course!) Thanks to Mitch Gerson for the link!

XGaming Trackball, Parts Sold Seperately
It looks like XGaming is now selling their custom trackball unit separately from their excellent trackball control panel (review). I was very impressed with this unit, and it's a very good price: the XGaming Arcade Trackball is now available for purchase for $69.95.

US Video Game Players, Re-unite!
It looks like the U.S. National Video Game Team is re-forming, and is holding tryouts over the next three months to choose players. Twin Galaxies has all the details.


Quake Arcade Machine Prototype on eBay
One of the very rare prototype Quake Arcade machines is currently up on eBay (although it the auction may be over by the time you read this!). One of only about 20 machines made, it tried to use a trackball to adapt the PC FPS experience to an arcade machine. How well did it make the transition, you may ask — it'll cost you $6,000.00 to find out! (Thanks to Ron Brown for the link!)

From Neptune to Earth Coming Soon!
I don't know if you've been following the online saga From Neptune to Earth, a space combat adventure inspired by the classic video game Gyruss, but it's now coming out in book form (great for those of us who prefer to read in bed!)

The adventures of the 357th JMFAS Gyruss Squadron will soon be available as a book from Good Deal Games for only $9.99.

More Classic Video Game T-Shirts
The "retro" look really seems to be taking off, at least for T-shirts — here are some more classic arcade game-themed t-shirts. I'm especially fond of the Asteroids one, but with a slogan of "Get Your Rocks Off!", I doubt I'd have the guts to actually wear it in public!

Pong Manual Scans
Attention Deficit Disorder? Try Video Games
The Fall of the Arcade
Colleges Offering Video-Game Degrees
Old-School Games for New-fangled Gamers


I've Been South-Parked!
Yes, I am not happy...Mark Rash pointed out that some of the guys on the BYOAC forums were "South Park-ing" people, creating caricatures in the paper-cutout style of the TV show South Park. I apparently fell victim to this craze, but it's not a bad likeness! Thanks to M3talhead for the caricature!

Pop-Up Contest #8 Winner!
The winner of the eighth RetroBlast pop-up contest, for a copy of the 2006 Mr. Pinball List & Price Guide, is Ian Piggott, aka "The Pinny Parlour"! Congrats, Ian!


X-Arcade Price Drop
2-player X-Arcade Control PanelJust in time for the holiday buying season comes the great news that XGaming has dropped the price of their 2-player X-Arcade control panel to $129.95, a drop of $20 from the old price. If you've been considering an X-Arcade, this is probably the time to buy!

Pac-Man Prank at University
Frogger: Ancient Shadow Review
New NES Console Knockoff is a Lemon
Sega Extends US Arcade Business with GameWorks Acquisition


Brass 2005 BYOAC Tokens Are Shipping!
David Santoro emailed me to let me know that the new 2005 BYOAC tokens have arrived. (Oh, that's "Build Your Own Arcade Controls" for those who don't know) Yes, the long wait is over, at least for those who ordered the brass tokens (nickel-plated will take a bit longer). If you're interested, you can still order them from

Contributing to the Pinball Hall of Fame
Tim Arnold's Collection of PinsWith the news that the Pinball Hall of Fame has found a home and will be opening soon, I thought it might be appropriate to mention how to contribute to the effort. If you'd like to contribute, you can send a donation to:

Pinball Hall of Fame
Las Vegas Pinball Collector's Club
2620 S. Maryland #241 PMB
Las Vegas, NV 89109

You can also paypal a donation to

XGaming Midway Game CD Winners
Everybody now: It's FRRRIIIIIDAY! , time to announce another five winners of the XGaming Midway Games CD. Congrats to this week's group (especially you, "Orclord"!):

Chris Mickle
Kalle Antniemi
Steve Welander
Gary Thompson


Pop-Up Contest #7 Winner
2006 Pinball CalendarOkay, it's time to pick a winner of the 2006 Pinball Calendar, and that winner is...Dan Imblum! I'll be mailing his calendar out tomorrow, and with any luck the postal service will get it to him before the new year begins!

Stay tuned, btw...there just may be another pop-up contest coming very soon...

Pinball Hall of Fame to Open SOON!
Wow, this one caught me off guard, but it's great news — after just writing about the Hall of Fame in my Pins and Vids review, Tim Arnold has announced that the Pinball Hall of Fame has leased a building in Las Vegas, (here's a Google Map of the location) and they are already frantically working on setting up shop. It looks to be a good location, and while there's not room for all 1,000 of Tim Arnold's pinballs, there's still 4,400 square feet, which is enough for a very sizable exhibit. Where else can you see history and play it at the same time?

Croc Hunter Pinball!
The rumors were true: Wayne Gillard and the Pinball Factory have just posted a picture of their upcoming Crocodile Hunter pinball, which will be sold under the Bally name (which they acquired this year). No playfield shots yet, and it's just coming "in 2006", but it's encouraging to finally see some news about new pinball machines!

Suzo Inductive Joystick
Suzo Inductive JoystickJust in to the RetroBlast Test Labs is a very cool controller device, the Suzo "Universal Inductive Control System", a.k.a...a joystick. It's a unique stick, similar to the Perfect 360 opticals in some ways and radically different in others. I'll be adding a review of this stick to the Joystick Roundup soon, so stay tuned...

New MAMEroom Cocktail Cabinet Kits
MAMEroom Cocktail Cab kitMAMEroom is now selling cocktail-style arcade cabinet kits. The kits consist of easy-to-assemble CNC-milled black melamine panels, ready for your controls and PC system. Best part? They're selling for a special introductory price of just $250! (Regular price $350) There's a 4-week lead time on these cabs, so order now if you're looking for a Christmas present.

Costco Selling Arcade Legends for $1999
Yup, Costco, the ultra-discount retalier, seems to have acquired a stock of the Ultracade Arcade Legends cabs, and are selling them for $1999, a price that's just barely above the "dealer cost."


Pins and Vids Video Magazine #1 Review
Pins and Vids Video MagazineThe new TV schedule just not holding your interest? How about two hours of programming devoted to what you really care about, video games and pinball? Al Warner and Paul Kiefert host the premiere of "Pins and Vids Video Magazine", a collection of interviews, show coverage, and general insanity sure to make any enthusiast's day. The review is available over on the Product Reviews page!

New Coin-OP.TV!
Coin-Op.TV Covers the IGN Live Expo, and the talented Becky Young hosts a two part episode which includes interviews with Roderick Alemania (IGN Sr Dir of Business Development), the band '8 Bit Weapon', Frank Dennis (America's Army), Jon Gibson (I am 8 Bit), Call of Duty 2 on the Xbox 360 and more!

Arcade Ambiance
Tony Kwintera wrote in to point out that there is a great collection of "arcade ambiance" sounds, recorded from 1982-1988, over at the site. Sit back, tune in, and dream of days gone by...

More on the Billabs Arcade Monitor
Got some news from Bill Alexander: He checked in with Billabs Manufacturing about their multisync monitor, and discovered that "the BL27CA1K is a discontinued item. It is replaced by the new and improved BL27CA1Q Autosync(tm) 15kHz-40kHz capable of CGA-EGA-VGA-SVGA up to 800x600 resolution. The price is $475/unit. One-year warranty out of Atlanta, GA."


Taito Legends Review
James Hills has just submitted a review of the new Taito Legends compilation, 29 classic video games all in one handy PC CD-ROM. Sporting a unique interface and lots of extras, it makes things look great, but how does it reproduce the original games? The review reveals all, over on the Product Reviews page!

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