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"Be an Honorary Starcader"
Starcade DVD
Giveaway Winners!

jm Production Company (the creators of the Starcade gameshow) have generously donated ten Starcade DVDs for RetroBlast to give away, complete with certificates signed by the Starcade production team!

The Entries

We had a lot of great entries, which made choosing just ten a bit of a challenge. It was a lot of fun going through all of the photos, and let me personally thank everyone that entered!

Click here to view all the entries!

The Winners!

Here are the winners, in the order they were chosen. James McGovern and I each picked our winners, numbered them from 15 to 1, then I tallied up the scores and the top ten point winners were selected. Below are the winners, and our comments about why we picked them. (Click on the photos below to see a bigger version with the entrant's notes about the photo, or click here to see all the winners on one page!)

  • James Mount (Grand Prize Winner!)
    James: "Mad points for making me laugh outloud each time I looked at the picture. The picture truly is worth a thousand words. The man has his priorities straight and I think he can use the stainless steel joystick handles as they are easy to clean...ewwww. Also big points for getting the better half to participate."
    Kevin: "I have to admit, this shot makes me smile from ear to ear every time I look at it!"
  • Mark Pearson
    James: "Nostalgia was a key theme in this contest and of the entries this one is pretty cool. Documented proof that he was an arcade competitor way back in the day scoring $100 (savings certificate? bummer) from the local lanes. He comes in at a VERY close second only because the operator scares me."
    Kevin: "Winning money for videgaming? How true to the spirit of Starcade is that? I gotta admit, though, that the guy in the background just plain creeps me out."
  • Scott Herzberg
    James: "Again big points for nostalgia, but also for "most people playing tron." If you look close there is at least one little urchin stuffed into the front of that game, maybe more."
    Kevin: "Why did I know that James would go for the Tron photo? ;-) Anyway, it's cool, it's retrogaming history, and you've got to love the intensity."
  • Jason Tosta
    James: "Another great pic showing true roots. Ms. Pac Man, Tempest, Dragon's Lair, and Roller Skating. Life is good."
    Kevin: "All of the above and apparently he got his first kiss on that evening. This photo's packing a lot of excellent memories, methinks."
  • Bob Irlen
    James: "Straight from the 80's and having a blast. The expression of the kid in the middle is priceless, but he lost points for not keeping his eye on the game!"
    Kevin: "I love this shot because it's a picture of pure joy. Pure adrenaline-soaked videogame-fueled joy. And is there any better kind out there?"
  • Mitch Gerson
    James: "If he had a "The Who" patch on his back this could be a scene from Quadrophenia. Big score for having an old school picture showing his roots in pinball. The mod look ain't hurting either."
    Kevin: "I've got a soft spot for pinball, so bonus points there. This photo's just chock full of retrogaming nostalgia at its purest."
  • Mike and Kevin Rhinehart
    James: "If you couldn't get to the arcade, you did the best with what you had. These lucky guys had a pretty decent option as those games were pretty fun."
    Kevin: "Mike Rhinehart is now the marketing director for 2K Sports, so I'd say he's been able to stick with what he loves, always a good thing for a career!"
  • Jim Robbins (with children Jenna and Jacob)
    James: "This one looks like the evolution of pinball players. Way to get them in the game."
    Kevin: "I love the family aspect of this, and Jim actually took his family out gaming just to get photos for the contest! Talk about a cool family outing!"
  • Nick Vazzana
    James: "I had to put this one near the top. He is showing his willingness to become one with the game and that is to be rewarded. I hope he got out ok."
    Kevin: "This shot certainly sums up the enthusiasm of the arcade cab builder/restorer — I remember I had the same happy/manic expression when I got my first cab into the shop."
  • Glenn
    James: "You get points in my book for helping tommorow's youth understand how they too can while away their hours on useless arcade and pinball games. Big points for getting started early! (Also, I play pinball with my daughter the same way, good show!)"
    Kevin: "I remember those days, and I sure wish I had had a pinball machine when my kids were that small!"

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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