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Photo Gallery

Behold the Cupholder!

Chris tests out one of the new cup holders with a Squeeze-It™

The New MAMEframe Marquee Design

New Bezel graphics (Instruction panels still being created)

The Upgraded SlikStik
(New Tornado Spinner, Boltless Trackball Plate, and Top-fire joystick)

Close-up of the 4-way joystick, Tornado Spinner (with Oscar MAME-engraved Aluminum Knob), and Top-Fire joystick

Close-up of the Boltless Trackball Mounting Plate
(Note the bright glowing trackball!)

Title for main MAMEwah Screen

The MAMEframe instruction card
Kids Playing
The Kids at Play
. Chris (age 5) and Brendan (age 2) “playing” a game.
Chris has actually gotten fairly good at Marble Madness!

Chris at the Controls. An arcade addict at 5

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