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Built on the SlikStik DIY cabinet, with a Wells-Gardner D9200 arcade monitor and a custom SlikStik design, the MAMEframe2 is the successor to my original MAMEframe arcade cabinet.

This “construction diary” is my attempt to document all the stages of construction, from the initial concept to the final artwork.

System Specs

Cabinet Specifications:

  • SlikStik Arcade Cabinet (Link) (Review)
  • SlikStik Classic Controller w/customized layout (Link) (Review)
  • Wells-Gardner 27 Inch D9200 Digital Monitor (Link) (Review)
  • Sony XPLOD Speakers (Link)
  • Creative Inspire 2.1 PC Speaker Amp (Link)
  • Bits Limited SmartStrip (Link) (Review)

PC System Specifications:

  • Asus P4PE Black Pearl motherboard
  • Pentium 4 2.66ghz processor
  • 512 mb of PC3200 DDR memory
  • Maxtor DiamondMax 120GB Hard Drive
  • Samsung 16x DVD / 48-24-48x CD-RW combo drive
  • Ultimarc ArcadeVGA video card (Link) (Review)

Construction Diary

Phase I: Parts, Planning, and Patience

Phase II: From the Ground Up — Construction

Phase III: And Now, the Brains — Software (Coming Soon)