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Rampage Total Destruction by Midway for the Playstation 2

Monsters on the loose!

Rampage has always been a unique and classic arcade game so when the latest outting ‘Rampage Total Destruction’ arrived I was curious to see what updates and improvements were made to the namesake.

The game was released for both the PlayStation 2 and GameCube and the version I played was on the PS2. At $19.95, this game is quite a bargin. In addition to the new Total Destruction game you also get the classic Rampage from 1986 and Rampage World Tour from 1997.

First up - we looked at the new game Total Destruction which brought back all your favorite loveable characters; George, Lizzie and Ralph and rendered them in a fantastic looking 3D envirnonment! The game also has new characters like Gilmen (a fish Monster), Marco the Shark and a cool looking Ramsey the Ram.



The perspective of the game is the same as the classics – tall buildings taking from a side view. But this time around there is a bit of a 3D element to the game. You can walk, punch, climb and throw things both towards the camera and away from it. The ‘action’ of the game is also quite similar but updated where the object of the game is to take out as many buildings, people, structures and just about anything else that gets in your way while hords of police and others try to take you out with their tiny bullets.

For just about any Rampage game you generally want to play with another person (or even a third) as this is the best way to enjoy the experience. While playing the game – I left most of the buildings up to my buddy while I explored the surroundings of the game. My favorite part of the game both visually and just plain ‘silly’ was being able to pick up police cars and fire engines and toss them across the screen. When a police car hits a building it blows up and flashes a neat glowing rendered effect. You can also toss cars towards the ‘camera’ which is kind of neat. I couldn’t figure out how to toss people walking around – but was able to easily grab them and gobble them up!



We took out building after building and after about 40 mins the gameplay started getting a bit on the repetitive side. The landscape changes but the object of the game continues on the same path. Smash, destroy and clobber with your feet and bare hands. I explored a few of the other monsters to see what kind of interesting tricks I could do with them. One of the cooler moves was that I was able to leap across the screen from building to building doing sort of a flying spinning whirlwind kung fu technique. It looked cool and when I accidently smashed into my partner he had no idea what hit him!

So after almost an hour of this madness we had to switches gears and check out the two classic Rampage games included on this disc. Rampage from 1986 is still a gem and a classic that still holds up pretty well to this day! The port over from the arcade is very true to the original as for looks and sounds. We played for about 30 mins on the classic and it totally brought back memories of standing on opposite sides of the screen and playing ‘smash up’ with the trolley car. My only complaint on the original port over of Rampage was that I couldn’t figure out how to change the buttons on the controller. This was a drag because the button configuration was quite unfriendly.



Next – on to Rampage World Tour – a port over from the 1997…..well it was never really a classic, was it? I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone who prefered the sequel over the original but it does offer some updated graphics and new style gameplay. I would have to say that the gameplay for Total Destruction was much more fun then World Tour and for that Midway should be thanked.

With new games costing an arm and a leg – it is always refreshing when a budget game comes out and is somewhat of a ‘collection’. Not sure if Rampage Total Destruction will lead to hours and hours of gameplay – however as for graphics and new characters it was rather fun exploring the options and what crazy and silly new ways I could tear apart a building!

More info on the game can be found at:

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