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March 2005 News Archive


Bally is Back!
Pinball News is reporting that Wayne Gillard — Mr. Pinball Australia — has purchased the intellectual properties and the rights to re-manufacture former Bally/Williams games, including selling parts. This looks to be great news for the pinball community, and I look forward to new parts (and new games!) from the new Bally.

If You've Got the Cash...
Here are a couple of 'big ticket' items you might be interested in:

  • Lot of 62 Pinball Machines in Atlanta: Yes, you too can start up your own pinball business: with one simple Buy It Now price of $49,538 you can own 62 pinball machines. That comes out to a very reasonable $799 per machine, so get 61 of your friends together fast!
  • Complete Cessna Skyhawk Flight Simulator: Originally $159,000, the current bid is only $7,600! Weighing in at over 1,000 pounds and classified as "less than a truckload," this could be a great toy for the gamer who's bored with MS Flight Simulator on his home PC!


RetroRedux: A 24-hour Game Design Jam
This sounds like a fun competition: this weekend, April 3rd-4th, student design teams are going to compete to create new games based on the Atari Flashback console (a modern remake of the classic Atari 2600). Press Release and Web Site.

Arcade Game Therapy
Now this is a cool idea: the Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah, Wisconsin, has teamed up with the local GameZone arcade to offer physical therapy services via arcade games! The games are used to help patient's hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and balance. I suspect it helps keep the long hours of therapy interesting, as well!

A Varkon Pinball GameSo, what's a Varkon? Don't be surprised if you've never heard of it: Varkon was an "experimental pinball" produced specifically to compete with video games. Try to imagine a two-layer pinball table squished into a videogame cabinet. It's as unique as it sounds. Check out this great page over on Al's Arcade Site covering the history and one man's fevered search for one of these extremely rare (there are less than 100) machines.

Update: Own a Varkon? Be sure to add your name to the new Owner's List!


Arcade Road Trip
Here's an interesting site: Arcade Road Trip, an online journal of sorts documenting some friends' visits to arcades all across America (and the UK!). The site's a bit out of date, but at least their heart is in the right place!

Arcade Game Collecting
Matthew Desantis, the same guy who created the Arcade Road Trip site, also has a nice section on his site devoted to video arcade game collecting and restoration. Check it out!

TLC Wins "Best New Bar Game"
TLC Industries' new PowerBall Billiards arcade game just won the coveted (if slightly obscure) "Best New Bar Game" award from Suburban Nitelife Magazine. Full details here.

Golden Tee Live in Production
The RePlay Magazine web site is reporting that the next generation of Golden Tee, Golden Tee Live, has just entered production. One of the interesting things is that "Golden Tee Live offers constant tournament game play in an always-connected mode; this is made possible by an internal wireless modem and Sprint PCS connection in each game."

Schools Inconsiderately Release Children
Yes, that evil known as "Spring Break" is upon us. RetroBlast Webmaster Kevin Steele had this to say: "My kids are driving me crazy, I tell you, crazy!" He warns site visitors to expect slower news updates and reviews for the next week or so.


SA Dev's MAME Patches Updated!
The excellent set of MAME patches from SA Dev has just been updated, with a new GUI interface, apply/unapply options, and more. Everything's updated for MAME .95 as well.

If you haven't checked into these patches, I recommend that you do: they really add a lot of powerful features and tweaks to MAME, everything from the ability to skip over boot processes to a true "high priority" mode for squeezing out the most game performance possible on your system.

PlayStation Sales Ordered Halted
After losing a patent-infringement case against Immersion Technologies over the rumble feature in the "Dual Shock" gamepads, Sony has apparently been ordered to halt sales of both the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 in the United States. Should be interesting to see where this one goes...

MAME Resolution Tool 2.0
I don't know when this was upgraded, but Steve Lilley-Hopkins has upgraded his MAME Resolution Tool to version 2.0! Previously titled the "ArcadeVGA MAME Resolution Tool", this is an extremely handy utility for adjusting MAME's display settings for each game resolution (on a per game or per resolution basis!). If you've got an AVGA card, you need this utility!

Starcade Contest Winners
Well, it took a bit longer than I expected, but we've picked the top 10 entries in RetroBlast's "Be an Honorary Starcader" contest. Click Here to view the winners (as well as all the entries!)

Game Over
Unfortunately, this is a rather sad look at the closing of the "Texas No. 1 Fun" arcade at the Sunrise Mall in Brownsville, Texas, which has remained open since the mall opened in 1979.


MAME .95 Released
New games, new fixes, and as always, it's available over at Enjoy!

Starcade Contest Winners TBA!
The RetroBlast "Be an Honorary Starcader" contest is now closed. We got a lot of great photos, and I'll be publishing them when we have the winners picked. It's going to be a hard choice to pick the ten best photos, but we're working on it. More news once we've chosen the winners!


It Lives!
The Repaired Betson MonitorYes, thanks to the fast repair turnaround by Betson (thanks, Rick!) my Betson Multisync arcade monitor is back up and working perfectly.

It only took a few minutes to reinstall the boards and get everything re-attached, but putting the monitor back in the cab was a different story. I had one minor casualty: the monitor frame scraped up one of my anodized black SlikStik balltop joysticks. Luckily it's a simple screw-out replacement, so I count myself lucky.

I got the entire repair/replace procedure done yesterday afternoon, but was too busy playing Millipede after that to post the news!

MAMERoom to Offer Finished Cabs
Looks like some big changes are coming in the product lineup at MAMEroom: namely, they are going to be offering finished melamine arcade cab kits! Don't worry, I'm working on making arrangements to review the kits when they are available.


Rap Rap Revolution?
DJ Format's 3Feet DeepHere is a great retrogaming rap video (something I never thought I'd say) that spoofs Dance Dance Revolution, Mortal Kombat, and more. Just imagine an arcade where you can put in a quarter, pick up the mic, and bust a few mad rhymes to score points. It's as weird as it sounds and a definite must-see.

My Favorite Retrogaming Gear
Kevin's Favorite GearHere it is: my favorite retrogaming gear. Warning: this article is full of unfiltered personal opinion, and I reserve the right to like something, well, just because! I've also included a list of what I and my kids are playing right now — once again, just because. It will be updated regularly, so head on over to the Retrogaming Articles page and check it out!

Ten Player Networked Bubble Bobble?
Yup. Check out Bub & Bob Brothers, a Bubble Bobble clone that supports up to ten (count 'em, 10) players over the Internet. It also adds such goodies as bonus powerups and quite a bit more. If you're a fan of Bubble Bobble (my kids sure are!) this is something you've got to check out!

The KLOV Top 100
No, it's not hosted by Casey Kasem: it's the Killer List of Video Game's Top 100 Video Games. Agree or disagree, it's a comprehensive list. They even include such sub-lists as "best games for women." Now if only my wife would even touch a video game, I'd be all set...

UltraStyle 3.1 Release
Mainly a bug-fix release, but it does manage to squash a pretty big collection of bugs. (Bug squashing...always a fun gameplay element!) Anyway, it's available over at the UltraStyle site.


Retrogaming "Stuff"
I realized that I probably haven't mentioned all the cool retrogaming-related stuff that I've stumbled across recently:

ThinkGeek Space Invaders ArtIf you're looking for some retrogaming T-shirts, this is the time to shop at PowerUp Clothing: they're having a sale right now!

Other cool retrogaming products can be found at ThinkGeek, such as Space Invaders wall decorations and yes, more T-Shirt designs. Time to bring your inner geek out in public.

On to Jupiter...
Just a quick update: the online Gyruss story that I mentioned yesterday, From Neptune to Earth, has just had a new chapter released: Jupiter.


Pinball Pro Sub-Woofer Review
Pinball Pro Sub-Woofer ReviewI've just completed my review of Pinball Pro's Sub-Woofer upgrade for WCS and WCS-95 pinball machines. What happens when you replace a wimpy 6" sub-woofer with a turbo-charged 8" one? Do I really need to explain? Well, I did anyway, so check out the Reviews Page and read on!

Gyruss, the Novel
357th InsigniaHere's something neat: a fan fiction serial story based on the classic videogame Gyruss! And one of the authors is none other than Treyonics' Jim Krych! From Neptune to Earth is the ongoing story of the 357th JMFAS (Joint Military Forces Attack Squadron) and their role in the Ideoclan war. There are lots of in-references to the MAME community, btw. Check it out if you're a fan of military-style sci-fi action!


Betson Repair
A sad sight...Well, my Betson monitor's board set has been removed and sent back for repair. I've had to do this now with both my Wells Gardner and now my Betson monitor, so I'm becoming more adept at disassembling these beasts. Still, I don't think I'll ever get completely comfortable with disconnecting the 60,000 volt "big red wire" from the tube, even though both monitors seemed to be self-discharging.

The Roundup Review Begins
Betson 3Here are the first two trackballs to arrive for the upcoming RetroBlast Trackball Roundup Review: Betson 3" and 2.25" inch trackballs, just waiting to be put to the test. These are the PS/2-connector version of the trackballs, and I was impressed to see that the button wiring harnesses are already attached. More news as the trackballs roll in...(ahem...)


MCM.ini Updated
Max Hutchinson has just submitted his latest MCM.ini file, an enhanced MAME categories file designed specifically to work with MAME Content Manager (MCM). Whether you're removing adult ROMs or just don't like Majhong games, MCM with the MCM.INI file makes trimming the ROM fat a breeze — the updated file is available over on the RetroBlast File Downloads page.

MAME Screensaver Updated
TB_Screensaver version 3.0 has just been released. This MAME-themed screensaver now allows game snaps and other graphics to be inside ZIP files, and also offers some bug fixes and refinements.


Unique Arcade Cabs 4 U
A Pedestal Projection SystemIf you're looking for an especially unique cab for your MAME project, check out the new ArcadeGames4U site, which offers a huge variety of different arcade cabinet styles: Galaga reproduction, mini "cabaret" style, cocktail, Dragon's Lair reproduction, even pedestal projection gaming systems! I'm very impressed with the sheer scope of their cab offerings.

Another Pinball Box Auction
Apparently this is becoming a "thing": here is another eBay auction for someone's empty pinball box. No bids, but at least this guy is asking for a "Buy It Now" of only $39.99, compared to the $125 BIN that the last guy who tried to sell a pinball box asked for.

See Me, Hear Me...
The Who's classic pinball-themed rock opera "Tommy" is going to be getting a special exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Entitled "Tommy: The Amazing Journey," it features memorabilia from the Who. No word yet on if there's going to be an actual pinball machine or not, though...


Defender Desktop Wallpaper
Defender 3D WallpaperA collection of very cool "pseduo-3D" renderings of Defender, by RetroBlast's own James McGovern. This set of three graphics keeps true to the spirit of the original 2D sprites while adding an "isometric edginess" (my words, not his!). A must for any die-hard Defender fanatic, the graphics are now available on the RetroBlast File Downloads page.

New A-PAC Analog Interface!
The Ultimarc A-PacAndy Warne at Ultimarc just keeps crankin' out innovative new goodies: this time it's the Ultimarc A-PAC, an analog interface that shows up in Windows as two gamepads. It supports analog controls (pots), meaning that you can hook up devices such as steering wheels. Ultimarc is even going to be offering analog joysticks!

Pat Lawlor in Toledo
This is a bit of unique news: Pat Lawlor, the pinball designer responsible for such pinball classics as Twilight Zone and The Addams Family, will be signing autographs tomorrow at the grand opening of Dr. Scott's Pinball Store in Toldeo, Ohio. A grand opening of a pinball store? Who says pinball is dead?


ArcadeVGA Review Updated!
ArcadeVGA ReviewYes, I got around to updating the RetroBlast review of the Ultimarc ArcadeVGA Card to reflect the improved "second generation" of the card (now based on the ATI 9200 chipset). Andy of Ultimarc has done a fantastic job on the new card, and improved it in many subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways!

LED Driver Board
The Gamecab LED DriverNow this is cool — thanks to Eric Baldauf for pointing out the GameCab LED Driver Board to me. It's designed to work with the IPAC encoder, and provides "always on" lights as well as supporting the keyboard lights (Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and Caps Lock) so that you can have blinking Player 1/2 buttons in some MAME games. I'm going to see if I can make arrangements to review this ASAP.

Megaman does Queen
Okay, here's something to totally mess up your mind for today: Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, as sung by Megaman. It's as weird as it sounds. As James McGovern notes, "Make sure and watch it long enough to get to the headbanging!"


I've just upped the ante for the current Starcade giveaway: in addition to the Starcade DVD that the top 10 winners will receive, the top winner will also win a grand prize: their choice of an Ultimarc ArcadeVGA card or a pair of SlikStik Stainless Steel Balltop Joysticks. Just find a photo of yourself (past or present) next to an arcade machine (video, pinball, MAME cab, whatever) and send it to: Click to Enter!

The Return of King Pong
C|Net News has a very interesting interview with Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari, including hints about his new uWink service.

"Antique" Gaming Systems?
Here's an article in the Northwest Arkansas Times about how "antique" gaming systems are coming back into vogue. Thanks, Pac-Man!

Where are the ROM Ads, Dude?
I'm very pleased to announce that I've finally managed to purge the ROM ads from Google's Adsense service on RetroBlast. I'd tolerated a few showing up here and there, but with my latest front page editorials about David Foley, I was hitting so many ad keywords that practially all the Adsense ads on RetroBlast's were for ROM sales.

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong in trying to block these ads, and I think I've now exorcised them from RetroBlast. I'll keep watching, though, as new ads may pop up that need squashing.


There is yet another fascinating development in the MAME Trademark Saga: Aaron Giles (one of the amazing MAMEdevs) has just posted an update on their trademark application, along with the rules that they are planning on enforcing in the future. To quote Aaron:

"In order to use the trademark, we are going to have to set up some rules under which it can be used. This is likely going to come in the form of, simply, "You must request explicit permission to use the MAME trademark." Of course, permission will be given to many legitimate uses (still have to ask, though!) But there is indeed a growing commercial sector that is abusing the MAME name to make claims that aren't true without violating the law ("Play 1000s of arcade games!" -- yeah right, show me your license for that), and quite frankly, many of the MAME team members are as against that as Mr. Foley is."

This is intriguing, and it will be interesting to see their full terms once they've decided upon them. The full message is available on Aaron Giles web site.

I love to be the bearer of good news: the trademark application by David Foley of the MAME phrase and logo has now been officially dropped! His trademark application now reads: "Current Status: Abandoned: Applicant's express request."

Even better is the fact that there is a brand new trademark application listed for the phrase "MAME," and the applicant is none other than the founding father of MAME, NIcola Salmoria! (Can you tell I'm excited by this news? ;-)

Can't Afford a Pinball Machine?
Well, how about just buying the box one came in? Yes, it's another crazy eBay auction: this time, someone is trying to sell the box their brand new Stern pinball machine came in! For only $125 minimum bid, you can buy the box this guy's new Lord of the Rings pinball came in. This is the second time he's listed it, too — he didn't get any bids the last time. Wonder why...

Trackball Roundup Update
Yes, I'm sure a few of you have begun to think I'd forgotten about the promised RetroBlast Trackball Roundup. I had been waiting for the XGaming trackball to be released before I did the roundup, and it may yet be released before the roundup is complete, but I've gone ahead and started gathering the trackballs for the review.

Here's the review list so far: Happs trackballs in 1.5", 2.25", 3", and 4.5" sizes, Betson trackballs in 2.25" and 3" sizes, an Ultimarc 2.25" trackball, and possibly the XGaming 3" trackball. Heck, I might even add a Microsoft Easyball if I can find one on eBay. I'll post more news on the status of the roundup as the review units start to come in.


Ultrastyle 3.0 Released
Wow, another update to the very cool-looking Ultrastyle front-end for MAME. Lots of changes, too, including totally re-written main code.

Oscar Controls Hacked
First KLOV, now the Oscar Controls site has been defaced. Harmless, but you've got to wonder: why the attacks against retrogaming sites?

Pac-Man Potato Chip Auction!
Yes, it's as weird as it sounds: check out this eBay auction for a "pac-man shaped" potato chip. Bid now or forever miss out on this once-in-a-bag chance to own a piece of deep-fried nostalgia!

Is it a Bar or an Arcade?
Actually, it's both! Check out this article about the Barcade, a place where you can grab a beer and then play some vintage arcade games. Sounds fun to me!

Find a "Barcade" Near You!
If you're curious about good places to play video games in your area, be sure and check out the Barcade site, a place where you can find (or post) reviews of local gaming establishments. This is a very cool database, and just the thing for those Friday night gaming runs.


Starcade Review
Starcade DVD reviewJust in from RetroBlast contributing reviewer James McGovern is a review of Starcade DVD #1. Starcade, the classic video-game oriented gameshow from 1981, is now available on DVD for your viewing pleasure. James shares his experiences with this DVD trip down memory lane.

The History of Starcade
The creators of StarcadePop Quiz: What do Alex Trebeck, Larry Wilcox, Ted Turner, and Mike Eruzione (the captain of the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" US Olympic hockey team) have in common? Answer: Would you believe a gameshow about videogames? Find out how this gameshow came into being, direct from the people responsible for bringing it to life!

Educating Gamers About Arcade Action
Jeremy Kopchak, Product Manager for XGaming, Inc. pointed out to me an absolutely fascinating GameSpy article about the need for developers to educate modern gamers on how to enjoy (and succeed at ) arcade-style gameplay. Be sure to check it out, and thanks, Jeremy!

My Betson Died...
Not a good day: for some reason my Betson arcade monitor just died. No video, just a "tick-tock" clicking noise. I'll call Betson tomorrow, but it's only six months old. Sigh...


Wait, I'm Not Dead Yet!
Ah, the power of "on second thought..." James McGovern has changed his mind about parting out his TRON arcade project, and has decided to continue to fight the good fight and see if he can't restore it to the glory which it so richly deserves. Check out his "Rescue Tron Blog" for more details of his ongoing (again) efforts!


KLOV Hacked!
KLOV HackedThis just in: the Killer List of Video Games (KLOV) site has been defaced. "Net Devil" claims he is "H4CKiNG f0r Muslims Who Are Killed Daily & Their Houses & Shops Burnt in IRAQ & PALESTINE By The F***ing KillerZ Terrorists," and we all know what a hotbed of pro-US propaganda the KLOV site was, right? Sheesh...what a loser.

Update: The site has been restored.


Walk of Game
Atari founder Nolan Bushnell and "Donkey Kong" creator Shigeru Miyamoto were given stars on the new "Walk of Game" to honor their contributions to video gaming. 'Bout time, says I.

My Pinball Restoration Morning
I spent some good "restoration time" today on my Attack From Mars pinball machine today, sanding down the superglue "filler" that I had poured into the cracks yesterday on some of the playfield's inserts and then buffing it all out with a high-speed drill and Treasure Cove's excellent polishing kit.

It's a simple and yet really great way to fill in chipped edges on playfield inserts: water-thin superglue really seeps under the edges of the inserts and fills in the holes and cracks. Let it dry a day and then sand down with 1000 grit wet/dry paper (available at auto stores), then polish the playfield.

Oh, and I want to recommend a new site:, where I ordered the "water thin" superglue that I used, along with the disposable pipettes and a bunch of other handy restoration products (plastic razor blades, anyone?). Good prices and fast service, plus great things you didn't know you needed!


Poor Tron...I hate to have to report on things like this, but James McGovern's valiant attempts to restore this TRON machine have come to an end. He's given up the good fight, and is parting out the machine so that it can give life to other TRON machines. It's a sad fact of video and pinball preservation that sometimes one machine must be sacrificed to save others, but it happens.

Industrial-Grade Control Panel
Now that's shiny!Check out this polished aluminum control panel! RetroBlast reader Matt sent in several pics of his new uber-shiny metal panel, and I've got to admit I'm envious.

He's still got to get the rest of the panel done, but this is a very promising start to a cool looking control panel. Congrats, Matt!

Slooow motion RetroBlast
Sorry, the site seems to be crawling today, and I'm not sure why. I'll see if I can find out what's going on.


MAMEwah Config 1.61.1
Yes, at last a configuration program for the newer versions of MAMEwah! Full details and download here.

Retrogaming: Pros and Cons
Thanks to Pac-Man for pointing out this intriguing review of the Atari Anthology collection of 2600 games for XBox/PS2. The reviewer basically takes two stances: 1. This is a great way to relive old games, and 2. Not all old games are worth reliving. Guess what, I agree with both statements.

Sopranos Pinball
An article in the Seattle times discusses the popularity of the new Sopranos pinball from Stern.

Weight Loss and Video Games
Here's an article from RedNova on DDR, Maya, and the growing trend of video-game based weight loss programs.


RetroBlast Site Housekeeping
I'm working today on fixing a lot minor annoyances I've had with the site, but have never taken the time to fix: for example, I've got the Poll Archives page working now. If something breaks, please let me know.


Akron Show Pics
Click for more pictures!I've got a few photographs from my visit yesterday to the Ohio Pinball and Gameroom Festival in Akron, Ohio. It was fun, although a lot of the machines were in less-than-excellent condition (many of them sported signs saying they were in "better than new" condition, which made me laugh.)

UPDATE: Click here for even more photographs from the show.

Special thanks to Jason Presnell, who hooked up with me at the festival. While I suffered from a humiliating lack of pinball skillz that day, it was still fun playing a lot of machines I'd never actually had the chance to play before.


Off to the Akron Pinball Show
I'm heading on over to the First Annual Ohio Pinball and Gameroom Festival today, so if you're there, look for some bald guy wearing a RetroBlast ID tag. I shouldn't be too hard to find. ;-)


Click for all the photos!ASI Show Photos!
Thanks to James Hills of TLC Industries, I've got some great photos of the ASI show, and hopefully will add more photos as the show goes on. Of special note is a great shot of the XAP-1 cabinet in action, and um, oh yeah, some pretty girls too...

Games People Play
Here's an interesting piece on the CBS News site about the "home gameroom" movement, and how people are moving beyond mere ping pong tables to "pro-level fun stuff" as they put it. (just ignore the mention of Ultracade's "Arcade Legends cab).


The Ultimate Cocktail System
That's no moon...This blew my mind when I saw it: a 4-sided, 32-inch monitor wielding "cocktail" gaming system. Can you believe four players can play side-by-side on this beast? This isn't a cocktail table system, it's a kitchen table system! Com[Plex]'s Giganto-MAME Project has it all: trackball, spinner, up to 4 player action, and more. Amazing.

New Immersion Arcade Force Feedback System
Straight from the press release: "Immersion Corporation (Nasdaq: IMMR), a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, today announced a single-board version of its popular integrated force feedback arcade control system. The new controller and software can drive both steering wheels and joysticks, including Happ Controls' Active Steering Wheel. An embedded real-time processor and high-power amplifier provides strong and realistic force effects while off-loading the host PC of force processing, keeping game play smooth and fast. Windows 98SE, 2000, and XP systems are supported using Microsoft DirectX or Immersion's TouchSense(R) libraries." Thanks for the news, Pac-Man!

UltraStyle 2.4.6 Released
UltraStyle Front EndThe UltraStyle FE has just been updated to version 2.4.6, fixing a few bugs that were introduced in version 2.4 and improving movie playback tremendously.

If you haven't tried UltraStyle yet, you really owe it to yourself to give this MAME front end a "spin" (literally ;-)


ASI Show Starts Tomorrow
The Amusement Showcase International (ASI) show starts tomorrow at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago, and runs from March 3-5. The show features over 150 manufacturers of coin operated amusement machines, everything from pinball to video games to juke boxes. Should be a lot of new product announcements coming soon!

TLC Introduces the XAP-1
The XAP-1 Cabinet from TLCNow this is one cool looking arcade cabinet! Utilizing display techonolgy from the Elumens corporation, "The XAP-1 features a 1.5 meter dome with the game image projected inside, creating an unparalleled 3D immersive display. Initially the XAP-1 is designed to house driving and racing games such as TLC Industries’ Bandits: BattleZone and RC Cars, but the technology can also be adapted for other genres as well."

TLC Industries will be showing off this amazing cabinet at their booth at the AIS Show March 3-5 in Chicago.


TLC News
I've got a couple of news items hot from TLC Industries (full press releases can be found at

  • NextArcade Student Showcase Announced
    Will Feature Student Games from Full Sail and Illinois Institute of Technology
    SCHAUMBURG, IL – Feb. 28, 2005 – TLC Industries ( and Full Sail Real World Education ( announce the opening of the NextArcade Student Showcase ( The site is designed to bring public exposure to creative works being created by today’s top student developers. Participating schools currently include Full Sail Real World Education and the Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • TLC Industries Says Game ON!
    PowerBall Billiards and NextArcade at Museum of Science and Industry
    SCHAUMBURG, IL – March 1, 2005 - TLC Industries, Inc. ( announces its participation in the Museum of Science and Industry’s newest temporary exhibit, Game On: The History, Culture and Future of Video Games. The exhibit makes its North American debut in Chicago on March 4 -Sept. 5 2005. TLC Industries will display PowerBall Billiards as well as supply cabinets for other local game developers to display their games.

MAME and Multiple-game Arcade Machines Banned
Looks like SuperAuctions will not be allowing any multiple-game machines at their auctions in the future (including MAME). (Discussion of this also on BYOAC)

While this most certainly has all the markings of some sort of influence from David Foley of Ultracade, I can't really say I'm upset about it: almost all the multi-game machines have illegal ROMs in them, and removing them from the auction only increases the value of the original classics.

Anything that raises the value of original arcade machines is good, in my opinion, since it makes them much more likely to be restored and saved than simply thrown out in the trash.

Ohio Pinball Festival This Weekend
Just a reminder: I will be attending the First Annual Ohio Pinball and Gameroom Festival this weekend (Friday and Saturday). There are going to be over 100 machines set up for free play, a tournament, an auction, and a lot of gameroom and pinball vendors. Should be a lot of fun!

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